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MONDAY MAY 22, 2023

Contact: C. J. Doyle
(617) 524-6309


For many years, the iconic symbol of Boston’s Saint Patrick’s Day Parade was the float of Saint Patrick Blessing the Children. This was sponsored by the Immaculate Heart of Mary School from Still River, in the Town of Harvard, Massachusetts.

When the parade succumbed to the enemies of the Faith in 2015, the leadership of the school, supported by the faculty and students, withdrew, courageously, from the compromised event, facing down scorn and abuse from a hostile media.

The good Sisters who taught at the school—members of the Slaves of the Immaculate Heart of Mary—memorialized their departure with an inspired piece of music entitled The Leaving of Boston, based upon a traditional song of Irish emigration known as The Leaving of Liverpool.

This wonderful composition has been a source of delight, encouragement and consolation to untold thousands of faithful Catholics who mourn the loss of the Saint Patrick’s Day Parade in Boston.

Now, the talented Sisters have done it, again!

They have created yet another magnificent musical triumph, this time in defense of the Traditional Latin Mass. It is entitled The Mass of All Time.

While The Leaving Of Boston was based upon a traditional Irish work, dating back to the 19th century, The Mass of All Time repurposes a modern Irish masterpiece, Phil Coulter’s The Town I Loved So Well—his 1973 elegy to his war-torn hometown of Derry during the Troubles.

The beautiful lyrics of The Mass of All Time are affecting, edifying and resolutely Catholic. They hearken back to Penal times, when, despite every oppression, the Irish were determined to preserve the Faith and the Mass of their fathers.

Although we are surrounded by chaos and immorality, Catholic culture, sustained by the traditional Faith of the Catholic Church and the ancient liturgy of the Roman Rite, is alive and well in one corner, at least, of Massachusetts.

This splendid music video deserves the widest possible circulation.


FRIDAY, MAY 5, 2023

Contact: C. J. Doyle
(617) 524-6309


Boston Herald columnist and talk radio shock jock Howie Carr has mocked the Catholic religion, again.

In a March 31st column criticizing Presidential Climate Envoy John Kerry, Carr compared carbon off-sets to the Catholic practice of granting indulgences to the faithful, where a portion of the temporal punishment of sin is remitted for performing an act of piety or charity.

Carr called indulgences a “religious scam, a clerical grift” that involved “paying off some priest...”

This is not Carr’s first descent into crude anti-Catholicism. He has a long, loathsome and disreputable history of Catholic bashing. As with this recent column, his attacks on the Catholic Faith have been vicious and gratuitous.

On April 8, 1998—Wednesday in Holy Week—in response to a decision by the Red Sox to forgo alcohol sales in Fenway Park because Opening Day would fall on Good Friday, Carr hosted two segments on his radio program in which he invited listeners to comment on selling “Catholic Eucharists for $3.49 a bag,” as a substitute for beer. The result was a half hour of offensive slurs profaning the Blessed Sacrament.

In one particularly vile episode, later in 1998, in a conversation between Carr and his producer Doug Goudie, evidently intended to disparage Arabs, it was asserted that shepherds in the Middle East had bestial relations with the animals in their flocks.

Into this depraved subject the name of Saint Joseph—the Virgin Spouse of the Virgin Mother of God—was introduced. Saint Joseph, the Foster Father of Our Savior, was then misidentified as a shepherd.

Though perceived by many as conservative, Carr has indulged in a malevolent, career-long obsession with vilifying the characters and destroying the reputations of Catholic political figures who have defended the right to life.

The targets of Carr’s venomous calumnies have included Massachusetts Senate President William M. Bulger, Massachusetts House Speaker Thomas F. Finneran, the late State Representative James J. Craven, Jr., and most recently, former Massachusetts Republican State Committee Chairman James J. Lyons, Jr.

Catholic Action League Executive Director C. J. Doyle made the following comment: “Howie Carr’s contempt for the Catholic Faith is manifest, impenitent and longstanding.”

“No one should be deceived by the conservative noises which Howie Carr makes to market himself. Profit and personal animus, rather than conviction, seem to be the driving motivators in his predatory career.”

“Real conservatives, conservative Christians, at least, do not advocate the sterilization of welfare recipients. They do not deride the children of the poor, born to mothers on public assistance, as ‘little bastards.’”

“They do not insult religious leaders, calling them ‘Bulger rump swabs,’ and they do not ridicule the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Jesus Christ in the Holy Eucharist.”

“The Catholic Action League has been warning Massachusetts Catholics and conservatives about Howie Carr since the 1990’s. Carr’s multiple, vindictive, unwarranted and obnoxious attacks on Jim Lyons have accelerated the learning curve in this matter.”

“Like the old Supreme Court definition of obscenity, the toxic media presence of Howie Carr has absolutely no redeeming social value. Conservatives should abandon this un-Christian and uncharitable demagogue, who has demonstrated, treacherously, his unhesitating willingness to betray those who imagined, naively, that he was their ally.”


TUESDAY, MAY 2, 2023

Contact: C. J. Doyle
(617) 524-6309


Saint Ambrose Parish in Dorchester—April 22, 2023

Another Catholic church has been vandalized in the City of Boston. During the evening of Saturday, April 22nd, Saint Ambrose Parish in Dorchester was the target of vandals.

The church, the rectory and a priest’s car were spray painted. Two hooded figures were observed on a security camera video painting the word ‘sex’ on the side of the church.

Boston Police are investigating the incident.

This is the second time in nine months that Saint Ambrose has been the object of vandalism. During the overnight period of July 27-28, 2022, a rope on the church flagpole was cut and the Papal flag was brought down and stolen. No arrests were ever made.

The current incident came just six days after Faith Lutheran Church in Cambridge was burned in a fire which the FBI is describing as arson.

According to statistics compiled by the Catholic Action League of Massachusetts, the spray painting of Saint Ambrose was the forty-second incident of anti-Catholic vandalism in the Commonwealth since March of 2019.

No public statement on the vandalism has been released by the Archdiocese of Boston or by city officials.

Catholic Action League Executive Director C. J. Doyle made the following comment: “A decade ago, there were between one and five such incidents per year in the Bay State. We are now averaging more than ten such attacks on Catholic churches and religious iconography in the state each year, an increase of more than 100%.”

“The time is long overdue for the Archdiocese of Boston to condemn these incidents, to begin documenting and publicizing them, and to demand that elected officials, prosecutors and police departments respond vigorously to this escalation in hate crimes against the Catholic community.”

“There has been one encouraging development in western Massachusetts. On April 3rd, Michael Innis, 54, of Pittsfield, pleaded guilty in Berkshire Superior Court to one count of Burn Building and Destruction of Place of Worship, in connection with a 2021 arson attempt against a Catholic church.”

“On August 4, 2021, Innis and his co-defendant, Brock Randolph, were discovered setting fire to the doors of Saint Joseph’s Parish Church in Pittsfield. The arson fire caused $10,000 in damage to the church.”

“Innis was sentenced to two and one half to three and one half years in state prison. The case against Randolph is pending.”

“In the vast majority of Catholic church vandalisms in Massachusetts however, the crimes have gone unsolved and unpunished. That needs to change.”


APRIL 30, 2023 — Published on May 2nd

Letters, Boston Herald
100 Grossman Drive, 4th Floor
Braintree, Massachusetts 02184

To the Editor,

In a story on a convention of Satanists in Boston, the Herald reported that Mayor Michelle Wu and City Council President Ed Flynn condemned, as racists, one of the groups protesting the gathering, (Boston mayor, council president: White supremacist groups are ‘not welcome here,’ 4/20/2023).

There was no mention however, of any condemnation of the Satanists.

On its website, the Satanic Temple—the organizer of the event—admits to conducting Black Masses. This ritual entails the theft, desecration and destruction of a Catholic Eucharist, which is a hate crime.

As the Boston Herald noted at the time, the Satanic Temple was behind the failed attempt to perform a Black Mass at Harvard University in 2014.

If our city leaders can condemn racism, they certainly ought to be able to condemn crimes against Catholics.


C. J. Doyle
Executive Director
Catholic Action League of Massachusetts
PO Box 112
Boston, MA 02131
(617) 524-6309


FRIDAY, APRIL 14, 2023

Contact: C. J. Doyle
(617) 524-6309


On April 7th, U.S. District Court Judge Matthew J. Kacsmaryk issued a ruling overturning the decision of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration—made 23 years ago—to approve, for use in the United States, the cruel abortion drug Mifepristone.

Massachusetts Governor Maura Healey—a partnered lesbian who identifies as a Catholic—immediately condemned the ruling, saying “Medication abortion is safe, effective and legal. Mifepristone has been used safely for more than 20 years and is the gold standard.”

Three days later, on April 10th, Healey held a press conference on the steps of the Massachusetts State House in Boston—bringing together legislative leaders, constitutional officers, representatives of the abortion industry and members of the Bay State’s congressional delegation—to denounce the ruling and proclaim a moral panic over the threatened loss of the homicide pill.

Healey then announced that the Commonwealth’s public system of higher education—which has distributed, at taxpayer expense, Mifepristone since 2022—would purchase and stockpile 15,000 doses of the abortion pill.

Healey also issued an Executive Order claiming to immunize Bay State dispensers of Mifepristone from the legal consequences of its unlawful distribution in states where abortion is banned.

On April 12th, Mr. Bob Katzen, Publisher of the Beacon Hill Roll Call, contacted the Catholic Action League, seeking a comment on the Governor’s defense of chemical abortion.

Catholic Action League Executive Director C.J. Doyle made the following statement:

“Governor Maura Healey’s claim that medication abortion is ‘safe, effective and legal’ and is ‘the gold standard,’ is belied by the fact that every abortion results in the death of an unborn child, and that there is a growing body of evidence that chemical abortions are causing a significant increase in medical complications and emergency room visits by women who resort to Mifepristone.”

“The Governor’s Executive Order seems to be more of a symbolic exercise in political posturing than a substantive effort at public policy making.”

“Chapter 127 of the Acts of 2022—An Act Expanding Protections For Reproductive And Gender-Affirming Care—defines, broadly, reproductive health care and offers explicit and comprehensive legal protections to Bay State health care personnel who perform abortions or dispense abortion pills ‘regardless of the patient’s location’.”

“Healey’s Executive Order merely requires executive departments, which are already under her authority, to comply with the existing law and recognize so-called medication abortions as reproductive health care, which the statute already does.”

“For the Governor to inveigle the taxpayer funded University of Massachusetts into becoming the Fort Knox of abortion pill reserves—the secure repository of 15,000 doses of Mifepristone—suggests a fanaticism that goes well beyond a purported respect for individual choices.”

“Finally, whenever the issue of abortion is raised in connection with the Governor, it should always be remembered that Maura Healey, by her own admission, owes her political career to the Planned Parenthood Advocacy Fund.”

“Referring to her first campaign for Attorney General in 2014, Healey said ‘Planned Parenthood’s endorsement was a game-changer for my campaign.’”

Update: On April 12th, the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit granted a partial stay to the federal Food and Drug Administration, ensuring the continued commission of chemical abortions in the United States. The court however, upheld the suspension of mail-order abortion pills and reinstated the requirement that Mifepristone must be dispensed in person at a clinic or hospital, and not at retail pharmacies.

The Appeals Court also reduced the gestational age for Mifepristone use from ten to seven weeks of pregnancy.



Contact: C. J. Doyle
(617) 524-6309


An inquiry by the Judiciary Committee of the U.S. House of Representatives has revealed that the Federal Bureau of Investigation used an undercover agent in the production of an infamous memo targeting traditional Catholics.

The January 23rd memo, issued by the FBI’s Richmond, Virginia office, was titled Interest of Racially or Ethnically Motivated Violent Extremists in Radical-Traditionalist Catholic Ideology Almost Certainly Presents New Mitigation Opportunities.

It was leaked on February 8th by former FBI agent turned whistleblower Kyle Seraphin.

The memo recommended that traditional Catholic groups be subject to “assessment” (surveillance), “threat mitigation” (countermeasures), and “source recruitment” (acquisition of confidential informants).

Now, in an April 10th letter to FBI Director Christopher Wray, the Chairman of the Judiciary Committee, U.S. Representative Jim Jordan (R-OH), disclosed “... we now know that the FBI relied on at least one undercover agent to produce its analysis, and that the FBI proposed that its agents engage in outreach to Catholic parishes to develop sources among the clergy and church leadership to inform on Americans practicing their faith.”

Jordan went on to say that “In this document, the FBI purported to categorize Catholic Americans based on theological distinctions and relied on the Southern Poverty Law Center to suggest that certain kinds of Catholic Americans may be domestic terrorists,” adding that “...we know that the FBI, relying on information derived from at least one undercover employee, sought to use local religious organizations as ‘new avenues for tripwire and source development’.”

Jordan also divulged that the FBI wanted to reach out to the leadership of the Society of Saint Pius X “to sensitize these congregations to the warning signs of radicalization and to enlist their assistance to serve as suspicious activity tripwires.”

Not content to spy only on Catholics who attend the Latin Mass, the Bureau, according to Jordan, also intends to contact “mainline Catholic parishes” and “diocesan leadership” and encourage them “to report on suspicious activity.”

The Catholic Action League called the revelations evidence of “creeping totalitarianism, an appalling Third World style abuse of power, and a demented misdirection of FBI resources that can only be explained by the politicizing of federal law enforcement.”

Catholic Action League Executive Director C. J. Doyle made the following comment: “This chilling assault on the First Amendment suggests that some of the most dangerous extremists in the country are on the payroll of the FBI.”

“Spying upon, infiltrating and procuring informants in churches was a practice common to the Sipo (State Security Police) and the Gestapo (State Secret Police) in Nazi Germany. This is not only anti-Catholic, but unlawful, un-American and unconstitutional. It is unknown in the history of the United States.”

“These disturbing disclosures inform us that some of the leadership of the FBI has subordinated itself to the political and ideological agenda of the Biden Administration. That administration—and its allies on the Left—want Americans to believe that, in the era of Antifa domestic terrorism, destructive BLM riots and the vandalism of Catholic churches and crisis pregnancy centers, the real threat to this country is from the phantom of an allegedly violent ‘Christian nationalism.’”

“Congressman Jordan is to be commended for his revelatory letter and for the vitally important work of the House Judiciary Committee.”



Contact: C. J. Doyle
(617) 524-6309


Boston Globe columnist Joan Vennochi—an apostate from the Catholic religion—is a malevolent bigot and a dishonest journalist who has a long and disreputable history of maligning all things and all persons Catholic.

Many remember the sneering headline of her 2020 column “Pope John Paul II was no saint...

Following the leak of the Dobbs decision in 2022, Vennochi parroted the anti-Catholic party line of NARAL Pro-Choice America when she wrote that the expected ruling was the “ultimate triumph for the Church.

Vennochi invoked the separation of church and state, brought up the Catholic Faith of the anti-Roe justices, and pointed out that Catholics were, in proportion to the population, overrepresented on the Supreme Court.

She even quoted the anti-Catholic hate group, Catholics for Choice. America’s Ian Paisley—Paul Blanshard—the old Catholic-hating bigot from the 1940s, could not have done a better job.

In her latest polemic against President Donald Trump, Vennochi launched a gratuitous and mendacious assault on the memory of a local Catholic hero, Boston Mayor and Massachusetts Governor James Michael Curley.

In defaming Curley, Vennochi cited Curley’s hostile and revisionist biographer, Jack Beatty. Even there, she got it wrong. In her haste and malice, she misrepresented what Beatty wrote.

My longtime friend and colleague, Professor Larry Overlan of Suffolk University, a noted Curley scholar, sent the following reply to Vennochi’s slipshod distortion of history.

The Catholic Action League wishes to thank and commend Larry Overlan for his courage and integrity in speaking truth to Vennochi’s reckless lies.


March 24, 2023

Letters to the Editor
The Boston Globe
One Exchange Place, Suite 201
Boston, MA 02109-2132

To the Editor:

Joan Vennochi’s disappointing column on James Michael Curley was characterized by inaccuracies, unproven assertions, and a tendentious attempt to harness history in the service of modern partisan politics, (Crime, Trump, and the ghost of James Michael Curley, 3/22/2023).

Contrary to Vennochi’s claim of a $60,000 bribe, Curley never received any payout from his involvement with the so-called Engineers Group, which resulted in his mail fraud conviction. U.S. Attorney General Francis Biddle called Curley’s profit “trifling,” which may have been a factor in President Harry Truman’s decision to pardon Curley.

Vennochi contends that Curley had “a reputation for taking kickbacks.” Despite antagonizing both Democrats and Republicans, Curley, in his six decade long political career, was never charged with graft by any prosecutor—federal, state, or local—of either party.

As for the old canard that Curley “stoked the politics of ethnic and religious polarization”—for which no evidence is ever provided—this is victim blaming. Irish Americans, after all, never put up signs which read ‘No English Need Apply.’


Lawrence A. Overlan
Senior Lecturer
Department of Political Science & Legal Studies
Suffolk University


MARCH 31, 2023      — Published April 3rd

Boston Herald
100 Grossman Drive, 4th Floor
Braintree, Massachusetts 02184

To the Editor,

The Boston Herald story on the death of former State Representative Mel King omitted some pertinent facts about his public record, (Beloved Boston civil rights icon and activist Mel King dies, 94, 3/29/2023).

Some remember King as the mean spirited extremist who once picketed the Pope. When most Bostonians were celebrating Saint John Paul’s 1979 visit to the Hub, King brought 1,800 protestors to Holy Cross Cathedral, where one of his followers held a sign which read, memorably, “Pope: tell your people not to be racist.”

King also advocated that form of racial discrimination in public employment known as affirmative action. Nor should we forget King’s divisive attempt to partition Boston by creating the separate municipality of Mandela.

It came as no surprise that Boston voters rejected King by a 30 point margin when he ran for mayor in 1983.


C. J. Doyle,
Executive Director
Catholic Action League of Massachusetts
PO Box 112
Boston, MA 02131
(617) 524-6309


MARCH 25, 2023

Letters to the Editor
The Boston Globe
One Exchange Place, Suite 201
Boston, MA 02109-2132

To the Editor:

Early in March, Providence Bishop Thomas Tobin announced that he would not allow a general dispensation from Lenten abstinence for Rhode Island Catholics on Saint Patrick’s Day.

This internal, Catholic Church issue provided a convenient pretext for Kevin Cullen to take a parting shot at Tobin, just two weeks before the prelate’s scheduled retirement, (Is it a sin to eat corned beef and cabbage on St. Patrick’s Day? 3/16/2023).

Cullen’s hypocrisy is audacious. Despite writing, at least, nine columns maligning Tobin—including one where he called him a troglodyte, and another where he derided him as a clown—Cullen actually accused the bishop of being “uncharitable” and “judgmental.”

Whatever might be said about Bishop Tobin, he never mocked, or belittled with invectives, someone who disagreed with him. He never exhibited a sneering contempt for his adversaries, and he never cultivated vindictiveness as a virtue.


C. J. Doyle
Executive Director
Catholic Action League of Massachusetts
PO Box 112
Boston, MA 02131
(617) 524-6309


MARCH 23, 2023

Contact: C. J. Doyle
(617) 524-6309


On March 22nd, Christian Wade, the Massachusetts Bureau Chief of the North of Boston Media Group/Community Newspapers, contacted the Catholic Action League for a comment by C. J. Doyle on the proposal to repeal the Bay State law which provides a state sales tax exemption for the distribution of Bibles in the Commonwealth.

Repeal is part of a multi-decade, nation-wide campaign by the anti-Catholic bigots of the American Civil Liberties Union, who, with unceasing malevolence, seek every opportunity to punish Christians.

Catholic Action League Executive Director C. J. Doyle made the following comment: “The Free Exercise of religion is guaranteed by both the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and by Article II of the Declaration of Rights of the Massachusetts Constitution.”

“The production and distribution of religious texts, such as the Bible, are as integral to the enjoyment of that right as are the erection and maintenance of houses of worship and the organization of religious denominations.”

“As houses of worship and religious bodies are tax exempt, there is no reason that a different standard ought to apply to the production and sale of the Bible.”

“The tax exempt character of churches was created to establish a legal and fiscal barrier that would prevent excessive government entanglement with religion.”

“The legal challenges to tax exemption for Bibles in Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island are all a consequence of special pleading by the American Civil Liberties Union, a militantly secular, left-wing organization with a longstanding history of radical hostility to the religious freedom rights of Christians.”

“Legislation and public policy in the Commonwealth should not be determined by a powerful special interest with a national agenda.”

“The Massachusetts law ensuring tax exemption for the distribution of Bibles—reaffirmed by the Commissioner of Revenue of the Democratic administration of Governor Michael Dukakis in 1984—ought to be preserved.”


MONDAY, MARCH 20, 2023

Contact: C. J. Doyle
(617) 524-6309


An article in today’s Boston Globe celebrates the participation of Massachusetts Governor Maura Healey—a partnered lesbian—in Boston’s Saint Patrick’s Day Parade.

The news story, which read more like an opinion column, said Healey’s presence was “a sign of how far the parade has moved on from its ignominious history.”

This was an unmistakable reference to the principled resistance from faithful Catholics in the Allied War Veterans Council—who organized the parade—to the event being exploited as a propaganda platform by homosexual groups which scorn, despise and reject the moral code of Saint Patrick’s religion.

The article went on to complain that “as late as 2017,” there was still opposition to homosexual messaging in the parade.

Another Globe article reported that participants in the annual South Boston Saint Patrick’s Day Breakfast devoted much of their alleged humor to mocking the pro-life former Chairman of the Massachusetts Republican State Committee, Jim Lyons.

Michelle Wu, Boston’s Planned Parenthood endorsed Mayor, said, sarcastically, “I propose Jim Lyons Day for his unparalleled contribution, helping us drive all the Republicans out of the State House.”

Massachusetts Senate President Karen Spilka, a pro-abortion non-Catholic, used the event, named for the Apostle of Ireland, to derisively suggest that the conservative Catholic Lyons was “getting ready for his new job making license plates at Walpole”—the maximum security state prison.

Lyons, ironically, was the last Irish Catholic in the Commonwealth, to hold a position of state-wide political leadership, who actually supported the moral teachings of Saint Patrick’s Catholic Faith.

Catholic Action League Executive Director C. J. Doyle made the following comment: “The triumphalist tone of the callous bigots who authored the Globe article on the parade confirms what we have long known.”

“The parade controversy was never really about admitting homosexual marchers to the event. Why would practitioners of sodomy, who repudiate Christian morality, and castigate that morality as hatred and homophobia, want to celebrate the Catholic heritage of Ireland?”

“It was always about forcing Catholics to set aside their values and submit to homosexual ideology. It was about using the parade to mainstream public acceptance of homosexuality. It was, as we said thirty years ago, about imposing a discordant, anti-Catholic message on a parade in honor of a Catholic saint.”

“Meanwhile, the Saint Patrick’s Day Breakfast has become a forum for apostates and non-Catholics to insult one of the last sons of Saint Patrick who has not betrayed the Faith of his Baptism.”

“These events should remind us that our Bay State political class is hideously depraved and systemically corrupt. Christians should consider ways and means to escape from the repulsive kakistocracy which rules us.”

“Amidst all of this, no public defense of the Christian character of Saint Patrick’s Day has been heard from the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Boston.”


MONDAY, MARCH 13, 2023

Contact: C. J. Doyle
(617) 524-6309


In 2017, the Catholic Action League of Massachusetts issued a Special Report on how Catholic institutions in the Commonwealth routinely betrayed the dedicated defenders of the unborn in the pro-life movement. Today, that culture of betrayal is alive and well in the Archdiocese of Boston.

As the New Boston Post reported in January, the eight members of the Boston City Council have signed an order requesting a public hearing to investigate pro-life crisis pregnancy centers in the city.

This is the latest offensive in a malevolent campaign, initiated by the anti-Catholic bigots of NARAL Pro-Choice America, and led by Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), to defame, demonize, and ultimately suppress—through restrictive regulation and costly litigation—pro-life centers which offer women, in troubled pregnancies, compassionate alternatives to abortion.

This campaign against crisis pregnancy centers, if successful, will likely increase the number of innocent children killed through abortion, by crippling or eliminating groups which effectively oppose the abortion industry. It will also directly impede the constitutional rights of Catholics and other pro-life advocates.

The oldest pro-life pregnancy center in Greater Boston, dating back to 1973, is Pregnancy Help, which is a ministry of the Archdiocese of Boston.

The sponsor of the City Council order to investigate pro-life centers was City Councilor Ruthzee Louijeune, a former Elizabeth Warren campaign aide. Louijeune’s longstanding advocacy of abortion however, has never been an obstacle to cordial relations with the Archdiocese of Boston.

On February 4, 2022, Councilor Louijeune was a guest speaker at Saint John Paul II Catholic Academy in Dorchester. Louijeune spoke before her nephew’s sixth grade class for Black History Month.

According to its website, Saint John Paul Academy was “established as a new pilot for transforming Catholic education in Boston under the direction of Cardinal Se├ín P. O’Malley.” Its mission statement promises an “Enhanced faith formation curriculum in the Catholic tradition.”

The school’s Board of Trustees includes the Superintendent of Schools for the Archdiocese of Boston; the President of the Catholic Schools Foundation; the Pastor of Saint Teresa of Calcutta Parish in Boston; and the Assistant Vicar for Administration of the Archdiocese, the Reverend William P. Joy.

This is the same Father Joy who dodged, weaved and deflected when pro-lifers complained in 2022 about Catholic Memorial School conferring an award on pro-abortion Labor Secretary Marty Walsh.

In its 2004 statement, Catholics in Political Life, the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops enjoined: “The Catholic community and Catholic institutions should not honor those who act in defiance of our fundamental moral principles. They should not be given awards, honors or platforms which would suggest support for their actions.”

This was not the first interaction between Councilor Louijeune and the Church. In January of 2022, Cardinal O’Malley, from the altar of Holy Cross Cathedral, publicly acknowledged the pro-abortion Councilor during a Mass commemorating Haitian Independence Day.

An even more disturbing development in this controversy is a 2022 statement from the Director of the Pro-Life Office of the archdiocese, which seemed to signal that the Church was less interested in defending crisis pregnancy centers, than it was in carving out an exemption for itself.

Marianne Luthin told NBC 10 Boston, “It’s unfortunate that Pregnancy Help is lumped in with a generic category of so-called centers doing horrible things. We are truthful, we are a ministry of the church, and we are very proud of the work that we do for women.”

Catholic Action League Executive Director C. J. Doyle made the following comment: “An institution that is genuine in defending the right to life would never permit an abortion fanatic to address a group of sixth graders. As the League has said before, no rational person can reasonably be expected to take seriously Catholic opposition to abortion in the Archdiocese of Boston.”

“Luthin’s statement confirms what we already know—that pro-life Catholics should expect no reciprocity from the Church in Boston. The Archdiocese will sacrifice others to protect its own interests.”

The seven members of the City Council who, on January 11, 2023, joined Louijeune in calling for an investigation of crisis pregnancy centers were Councilors Ricardo Arroyo, Kenzie Bok, Liz Breadon, Tania Fernandes Anderson, Gabriela Coletta, Brian Worrell, and the Council President, Ed Flynn.




Contact: C. J. Doyle
(617) 524-6309


Conservative media platforms have been reporting the arrest of a staff attorney for the Southern Poverty Law Center—Thomas Webb Jurgens—who participated in a violent Antifa attack on a police and fire training center outside of Atlanta.

On March 5th, armed and black clad Antifa anarchists invaded the Atlanta Public Safety Training Facility in South River Forest, Georgia, setting fires, destroying construction equipment, and hurling rocks, bricks, fireworks and Molotov cocktails at police officers.

Thirty-five individuals were arrested in connection with the attack. Twenty-three, including Jurgens, were charged with domestic terrorism.

The arson, vandalism, and assaults on police came less than a month after the leak of a memo from the Virginia office of the FBI, targeting traditional Catholics as violent extremists, which cited the Southern Poverty Law Center as its source.

The Soros funded SPLC has now defended Jurgens, claiming that he was acting as a “legal observer” for the National Lawyers Guild. Largely overlooked in this controversy, is the fact that the National Lawyers Guild has long been identified as a front group for the Communist Party, USA.

The House Un-American Activities Committee once described the NLG as the “foremost legal bulwark of the Communist Party,” an assessment shared by U.S. Attorney General Herbert Brownell.

Catholic Action League Executive Director C. J. Doyle made the following comment: “The SPLC has a long, mendacious and disreputable history of demonizing social conservatives and traditional Catholics as extremists who belong to ‘hate groups.’”

“Now we find that one of the SPLC’s attorneys, Thomas Jurgens, participated in a terrorist attack by an actual extremist group—Antifa—which has an extensive record of destructive acts of criminal violence.”

“Moreover, this SPLC official collaborated with Antifa on behalf of another extremist organization—the NLG—which is affiliated with the Communist Party, undoubtedly the most murderous hate group in human history.”

“The SPLC is a lucrative bunco scheme which monetizes left wing paranoia by inciting fear of conservative Christians. As of the end of fiscal 2021, its total assets exceeded $800 million, while its annual income was north of $130 million.”

“Honest observers have long known that the SPLC traded in fear, calumny and bigotry. Now we know that the SPLC has a link to domestic terrorism and Communism.”

“Only journalists devoid of professional ethics and personal integrity could continue to cite the now discredited Southern Poverty Law Center as a credible source on extremism in America.”



Contact: C. J. Doyle
(617) 524-6309


A proposed law before the New Hampshire House of Representatives would force Catholic and other pro-life physicians to either perform or make referrals for sterilizations.

House Bill 277—An Act relative to patients’ right to sterilization treatment, would make it unlawful for a Granite State physician to refuse any person who has attained the age of 18, and who requests it, a sterilization, unless they refer the patient to another physician willing to conduct the procedure.

The legislation mandates disciplinary proceedings for doctors who refuse to comply.

Traditionally, surgeons have been unwilling to perform irreversible procedures on healthy young people who have no underlying medical conditions.

The sponsor of the legislation is State Representative Ellen Read (D-Newmarket).

The opposition of the Catholic Church to sterilization is definitive and longstanding. The Catechism of the Catholic Church instructs “Except when performed for strictly therapeutic medical reasons, directly intended amputations, mutilations, and sterilizations performed on innocent persons are against the moral law.”

Papal condemnations of sterilization can be found in the encyclicals, and other teachings, of Popes Pius XI, Pius XII, Paul VI and John Paul II. In Humanae Vitae, Paul VI stated “Equally to be condemned, as the magisterium of the Church has affirmed on many occasions, is direct sterilization, whether of the man or of the woman, whether permanent or temporary.”

In Evangelium Vitae, Saint John Paul II identified sterilization as part of a “conspiracy against life.”

The Ethical and Religious Directives for Health Care Services of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops enjoin “Direct sterilization of either men or women, whether permanent or temporary, is not permitted in a Catholic health care institution.”

For Catholic physicians, participating in an intrinsically immoral act—by making referrals for sterilizations—would constitute formal cooperation with evil.

The Catholic Action League characterized the measure as an “assault on religious liberty, an affront to the freedom of conscience, and a threat to the integrity of Catholic health care in New Hampshire.”

Catholic Action League Executive Director C. J. Doyle made the following comment: “Coming at a time when the Biden administration is attempting to coerce pro-life doctors into performing abortions and ‘transgender’ surgeries, this legislation is another chilling example of the increasingly totalitarian character of left-wing politics in America.”

“For so-called progressives, foundational freedoms guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution, are now dispensable when they conflict with their woke agenda for ‘reproductive rights.’”

“Contrary to a misleading report in the New Hampshire Union Leader, there is no provision in the text of the bill for a religious exemption.”

“This despotic measure, contrary to natural law, must be opposed, and it must be made clear that, in the unlikely event it secures passage, it will be met with widespread non-compliance, that is to say, civil disobedience.”



Contact: C. J. Doyle
(617) 524-6309





I. New MA AG Targets Crisis Pregnancy Centers—The new Attorney General of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Andrea Campbell, has joined the disinformation campaign, initiated by NARAL Pro-Choice America, to demonize, restrict and repress pro-life crisis pregnancy centers.

In a February 18th interview with The Boston Globe, Campbell announced that she will target crisis pregnancy centers with civil litigation, resorting to the state’s consumer protection statute prohibiting unfair or deceptive business practices.

Campbell said that she “intends to take the lead nationally on protecting abortion and reproductive rights...” In January, Campbell partnered with the ACLU, other abortion proponents and several white shoe law firms to establish the “Abortion Legal Hotline.”

As a candidate, Campbell promised to “Expose Crisis Pregnancy Centers” and “Create a cross-bureau reproductive justice unit within the Attorney General’s Office,” which would “...develop new ways to hold crisis pregnancy centers accountable...”

While Campbell, Governor Healey, and U.S. Senators Elizabeth Warren and Ed Markey pursue their campaign against pro-life volunteers trying to aid women in troubled pregnancies, these volunteers and their facilities remain objects of criminal violence by abortion fanatics.

In the last nine months, there have been, at least, a half dozen acts of vandalism perpetrated against pro-life centers in the Bay State, including ones in Easthampton, Revere and Worcester, while an archdiocesan affiliated Boston center had to be evacuated following threats.

Attorney General Campbell has made no statement promising the prosecution of violent offenders seeking to damage private property and impede the exercise of constitutional rights by pro-life citizens.

II. Sununu Insults Pro-Lifers—Echoing Kamala Harris—who defames pro-life Americans as extremists—New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu has told the militantly pro-abortion New York Times “I am a conservative. I’m just not an extremist.”

Sununu is exploring a possible run for the Republican nomination for President in 2024. His remark is seen as an unsubtle jab at his two likely opponents, President Donald Trump and Governor Ron DeSantis, both of whom support the right to life.

Sununu, a baptized Catholic, is a longtime supporter of abortion and contraception, and the taxpayer funding of Planned Parenthood. In a 2021 interview, Sununu told NH Today “To be clear, Roe v. Wade needs to stay in place. I’m a big supporter of it. I’m pro-choice.”

III. New Hampshire House Votes To Deny Vouchers To Catholic School Students—On February 23rd, in a close party line vote, a temporary Democratic majority (due to absences) in the New Hampshire House of Representatives, passed HB 430—AN ACT relative to applications for the education freedom accounts program.

This punitive measure, antagonistic to parental rights and religious freedom, would limit access to the Granite State’s successful tuition voucher program—the Educational Freedom Account—to public school students, thus excluding home schooled children and students at private and parochial schools.

This discriminatory legislation, a special interest bill filed on behalf of the American Federation of Teachers-NH, would almost certainly fail a constitutional test before the U.S. Supreme Court, given the high court’s 2022 decision in Carson v. Makin, which struck down an identical measure in Maine.

It may not come to that however. It is unlikely to pass in the state Senate, and it will require a second vote in the House, where Republicans still retain a slender majority.

IV. Bishop Tobin Defends Latin Mass Catholics—The outgoing Bishop of Providence, the Most Reverend Thomas J. Tobin, has become one of the few members of the Catholic episcopate to publicly criticize Pope Francis for his unwarranted and increasingly harsh restrictions directed against Catholics who attend the traditional Latin Mass.

In a tweet on February 21st, Tobin said “The way the Vatican is dealing with the Traditional Latin Mass does not seem to me to be the “style of God.” Pope Francis himself has emphasized that those who are attached to the TLM should be “accompanied, listened to, and given time.”

In his latest Rescript, the Pope has now removed all discretion from local bishops in exempting churches from the papal ban on celebrations of the traditional rite in parishes. This will result in the end of Catholicism’s ancient liturgy in most Catholic venues in Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

The modernist Pope’s demented war, on the one orthodox movement in the Church which exhibits growth, is, sadly, escalating.


FEBRUARY 19, 2023 — Published February 26

The People’ s Forum
Telegram & Gazette
100 Front Street, 5th Floor
Worcester, MA 01608-1440

To the Editor:

Raymond Mariano, in his latest column, professes astonishment that anyone would protest drag queens reading to children in public libraries, (Raymond V. Mariano: Disrupting children’s ‘Drag Queen Story Hour’ is cowardly, 2/17/2023).

According to Mariano, there are far more important issues to be concerned about, like climate change and gun violence.

Perhaps Mariano should follow his own advice. Last year, in May, and again in June, Mariano devoted two entire columns to a controversy over Rainbow flags and BLM banners flown at Nativity School in Worcester.

Imagine all the column inches that could have been devoted to gun violence and climate change had Mariano not wasted so much ink mocking and maligning Worcester Bishop Robert McManus over an internal affair of the Catholic Church.


C. J. Doyle
Executive Director
Catholic Action League of Massachusetts
PO Box 112
Boston, MA 02131
(617) 524-6309



Contact: C. J. Doyle
(617) 524-6309


On February 7th, at the State of the Union Address in the U.S. Capitol in Washington, U.S. Senator Edward J. Markey, (D-MA), wore a pin on his suit jacket, presented to him by the Planned Parenthood Federation of America, which read, in capital letters, ABORTION.

The first letter O in the pin was in the shape of a heart—the universal symbol of love. Any reasonable observer would conclude that the message which Markey wished to convey was his love for abortion.

A pro-life state legislator, Markey was first elected to Congress in 1976 emphasizing his opposition to abortion and forced busing. He remained an opponent of abortion for his first seven years in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Elected to the U.S. Senate in a special election in 2013, Markey has long been a strident advocate for legal and publicly funded abortion, and an inflexible opponent of all restrictions on abortion. He enjoys a 100% rating from both the Planned Parenthood Action Fund and NARAL Pro-Choice America. Both organizations have, repeatedly, endorsed and extolled him.

In 2019, Markey spoke at a press conference in front of the Planned Parenthood abortuary in Boston, where he condemned President Trump’s decision to enforce the Title X prohibition on the use of federal family planning dollars for abortion.

In 2022, Markey joined the pro-abortion campaign to demonize and repress pro-life crisis pregnancy centers.

Markey, a baptized Catholic, is a graduate of four Catholic educational institutions: Immaculate Conception School, Malden Catholic High School, Boston College, and Boston College Law School.

Describing himself as “Jesuit trained,” Markey maintains that his approach to public policy is directly informed by his Catholic Faith: “My basic text for everything I do is the Sermon on the Mount. Blessed are the poor. That’s Medicaid. Blessed are the elderly. That’s Medicare. Blessed are the children. That’s Head Start. Blessed are those in prison. That’s making sure we don’t imprison a whole generation of African-Americans the way we did with the crack cocaine epidemic.”

According to his interviewer, Mike Damiano of Boston Magazine, Markey told him all of this while walking to a Planned Parenthood rally in Washington in 2017.

The Catholic Church has condemned abortion since the first century, when its original catechism, the Didache, taught, in the year 70 AD, “you shall not murder a child by abortion nor kill that which is begotten.”

In 2009, the Holy See reaffirmed the solemn declaration of the Second Vatican Ecumenical Council, which proclaimed that “abortion and infanticide are abominable crimes.”

Since 1973, at least 64 million unborn children have been killed through surgical and medical abortions in the United States.

Sadly, but unsurprisingly, no Catholic prelate, institution or newspaper in the Commonwealth has denounced Markey for his pin celebrating abortion, nor has the Knights of Columbus, the Ancient Order of Hibernians, or any of the four Catholic schools which Markey attended.

The Catholic Action League of Massachusetts characterized Markey’s decision to disgrace himself by wearing an emblem affirming abortion as “depraved posturing by a vile quisling engaged in a sordid act of public treachery against the Faith of his baptism.”

Catholic Action League Executive Director C.J. Doyle made the following comment: “If there is anything more reprehensible than Markey’s open apostasy, it is the systemic silence of official Catholicism in Massachusetts.”

“The Bay State has one Catholic archdiocese, three dioceses, four diocesan newspapers, two Catholic television stations, a dozen Catholic colleges and universities, hundreds of parishes, and scores of Catholic organizations.”

“The Archdiocese of Boston, alone, has two PR firms and a six figure plus communications director, yet no one can speak out about the scandal of self identified Catholic in Congress displaying a demonic symbol of love for the mass murder of the unborn.”

“Silence equals consent. Since Catholic institutions routinely give awards, honors and platforms to pro-abortion political figures, and say nothing about public betrayals of the Faith by these same office holders, pro-life Catholics are led to an inescapable conclusion.”

“That conclusion is that our religious leaders have quietly conformed to the dominant secular culture, surrendered to the spirit of the times, and abandoned the innocent unborn to pitiless destruction at the hands of moral monsters like Edward Markey.”

“While Markey receives a pass for his odious pandering to the child killing industry, one should remember the fate of Father Daniel Moloney, the former chaplain at MIT, who was asked to resign by Cardinal Sean O’Malley.”

“Unlike Ed Markey, Father Moloney never advocated the killing of an entire class of human beings. His offense was that he once stated, accurately, that George Floyd ‘had not lived a virtuous life.’”

“Punishing those under your authority for telling an unpopular truth, while refusing to confront the powerful for promoting a crime, is the conduct of a coward and bully, not a pastor.”

“Almost the entire institutional infrastructure of American Catholicism has been lost to the pro-life movement. If the right to life is to be vindicated in American society, the Catholic Church must be reformed.”



Contact: C. J. Doyle
(617) 524-6309


The Catholic Action League of Massachusetts today hailed the decision of the Bay State’s Supreme Judicial Court in Commonwealth v. Peter Ronchi, which reaffirmed the legal personhood of a viable preborn child.

In 2012, Peter Ronchi of Marblehead was convicted for the 2009 murder of his girlfriend, Yuliya Galperina, who was nearly nine months pregnant. The trial judge, treating the unborn child as a second victim, sentenced Ronchi to two consecutive life sentences for two counts of first degree murder.

The judge followed the precedent set by the SJC in the 1984 decision Commonwealth v. Cass, which found that “An offspring of human parents cannot reasonably be considered to be other than a human being, and therefore a person, first within, and then in normal course, outside the womb.”

The court held, therefore, that the “infliction of prenatal injuries resulting in the death of a viable fetus, before or after it is born, is homicide.”

In its ruling yesterday, rejecting Ronchi’s appeal, the SJC went further, stating: “A viable fetus is a human being under the law of homicide. A fetus is viable when there is a reasonable likelihood of the fetus’s sustained survival outside the womb, with or without artificial support.”

The court also abandoned the legal doctrine that “murder may be reduced to voluntary manslaughter where there are extenuating circumstances, such as sudden passion based on provocation.” Gasperina had told Ronchi, just prior to her death, the child was not his.

The Catholic Action League called the decision “further, compelling and inescapable evidence that the legal tradition of Western Civilization has always upheld the humanity of the unborn.”

Catholic Action League Executive Director C. J. Doyle made the following comment: “The Commonwealth’s Supreme Court—hardly a bastion of conservative constitutional theory—has stated, once again, that a preborn child is a legal person deserving protection, but qualifies this principle with the modifying adjective ‘viable’.”

“How a relative—viability—can define an absolute—human life—is something which the court declined to explain. Nonetheless, the ruling is a useful reminder that the child in utero is not, as Planned Parenthood tells its victims, a mere clump of cells.”

“Whatever political advantages the advocates of legal abortion enjoy today, they cannot evade thousands of years of legal precedents, religious beliefs, philosophical principles and medical ethics acknowledging the humanity of the child in the womb.”

“Proponents of legal abortion will be dismayed to learn that, in its coverage of the story, The Boston Globe used the phrase ‘unborn child’, while The Salem News referred to ‘the child’.”

In his comment on the case, Essex County District Attorney Paul F. Tucker said: “I’m pleased the Supreme Judicial Court affirmed the defendant’s convictions in the brutal slayings of Yuliya Galperina and her unborn son.”



Contact: C. J. Doyle
(617) 524-6309


One day after it was leaked to the public, the Federal Bureau of Investigation retracted a memo by its Richmond, Virginia field office, which called for the surveillance of traditional Catholics as prospective allies of “white nationalists,” and “violent extremists.”

The memo, citing the discredited Southern Poverty Law Center, identified nine traditional Catholic organizations—including the Slaves of the Immaculate Heart of Mary—as hate groups which it recommended for “assessment,” “threat mitigation,” and “source recruitment.”

The memo also attempted to link, without evidence, the orthodox Catholic news organization, Church Militant, with racial extremists.

Yesterday, the FBI disavowed the memo, saying that it did “not meet the exacting standards of the FBI,” adding that “Upon learning of the document, FBI Headquarters quickly began taking action to remove the document from FBI systems and conduct a review of the basis for the document.”

The Bureau went on to say that it “will never conduct investigative activities or open an investigation based solely on First Amendment protected activity.”

The Catholic Action League hailed the decision as a “victory for the Bill of Rights, the liberty of the Church and the rule of law.”

Catholic Action League Executive Director C. J. Doyle stated: “While the leadership of the FBI did the right thing by quickly withdrawing this un-American document, it remains troubling that some individuals working for the nation’s top law enforcement agency would have such an attenuated commitment to our constitutional freedoms.”

“The pernicious influence of left-wing woke culture is achieving dangerous levels of penetration in mainstream American institutions, and faithful Catholics, committed to Scriptural and natural law morality, will always be among its first objects of persecution.“

As the courageous Anglican champion of Catholic Emancipation, John Philpot Curran, once warned, ‘The condition upon which God hath given liberty to man is eternal vigilance.’”



Contact: C. J. Doyle
(617) 524-6309


During an airborne news conference on a flight home from South Sudan on February 5th, Pope Francis called, once again, for the legalization of homosexuality.

In a January 24th interview with Nicole Winfield of the Associated Press, Francis said "Being homosexual isn’t a crime," and characterized legal prohibitions against homosexual behavior as "unjust." He went on to say that the Church must work to overturn such laws and that bishops who opposed their repeal "have to have a process of conversion."

In yesterday’s remarks, Francis reaffirmed his position, saying "To condemn someone like this is a sin," and added "Criminalizing people with homosexual tendencies is an injustice."

The Pope’s comments were quickly endorsed by his Protestant traveling companions, Justin Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury and Ian Greenshields, the Moderator of the Church of Scotland.

The Pope’s earlier comments were hailed by the homosexual lawfare group GLAAD—an organization which opposed the rights of Catholics in Boston’s Saint Patrick’s Day Parade controversy—and by the dissident New Ways Ministry, opponents of Catholic morality which the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops condemned in 2010.

GLAAD CEO Sarah Ellis said the Pontiff’s "historic statement" was "a game changer," while New Ways Director Francis DiBernardo "rejoiced" at the Pope’s remarks.

The anti-Catholic hate group, Dignity USA, which actually hailed the death of Pope Benedict as the "end of a long, painful era for LGBTQIA+ Catholics," pointed out that it was the Vatican in 2010 which led efforts at the UN to oppose the decriminalization of homosexual behavior.

The Catholic Action League called the Pope’s assertions "a major victory for the homosexual movement, which will be presented to public opinion as papal affirmation of same sex relations and the LGBTQ identity."

Catholic Action League Executive Director C. J. Doyle made the following comment: "The scandalous, improvident and un-Catholic remarks of Pope Francis will confuse and mislead the faithful, empower and embolden the opponents of Christian morality, and demoralize and marginalize its defenders."

"These remarks will, in the long term, have significant adverse effects on the struggle to preserve what remains of moral sanity in Western society and to protect the already circumscribed rights of religious believers."

"A key papal ally, Cardinal McElroy of San Diego, has now characterized opposition to the homosexual agenda as ‘demonic’ and rooted in ‘a profound and visceral animus toward members of the L.G.B.T. communities.’"

"What the Pope said not only undermines perennial Catholic moral teaching, but repudiates 1,700 years of Christian legal principles."

"Beginning in the fourth century AD, all Christian legal traditions—Roman Law, Canon Law, English Common Law and the positive laws of Christian states—have, harkening back to Mosaic Law, treated sodomy as a crime against nature, and have, accordingly, prohibited it, and attached penalties to its practice."

“Unlike Francis, the Fathers and Doctors of the Church understood sodomy to be both a sin and a crime. The Angelic Doctor, Saint Thomas Aquinas, quotes Saint Augustine’s statement that ‘Those foul offenses that are against nature should be everywhere and at all times detested and punished...’”

"As recently as 1989, the Achdiocese of Boston and the Massachusetts Catholic Conference opposed legislation to make homosexuals and lesbians a protected class in Bay State civil rights law."

"The callous readiness to jettison centuries of Catholic thought and praxis speaks volumes about the arrogance, recklessness and historical and theological illiteracy that has come to characterize this papacy."

"Although no one should underestimate the immense harm to society caused by the Pontiff’s injudicious remarks, opinions offered to reporters during air travel do not constitute Catholic teaching. The media should resist the temptation to view Catholic principles as mere policies, which the Pope, as CEO, can alter or abandon."



Contact: C. J. Doyle
(617) 524-6309


The newspaper of Boston’s African American community, The Bay State Banner, is reporting that students in the Boston Public Schools experienced 744 incidents of sexual assault in the 2021-2022 school year.

According to the BPS, this figure includes not only sexual violence, but sexual harassment and student on student sexual misconduct.

Increased incidences of physical violence and sexual assault in the public schools are fueling demands by Boston City Councilors to return police officers to the schools.

In comparison, a July, 2003 report by the Attorney General of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts revealed that there were, at least, 789 documented complaints of sexual abuse against priests of the Archdiocese of Boston over a forty year period from 1940 to 2000.

If taken at face value, these figures would indicate that the ratio of sexual abuse in the Boston Public Schools versus that in the Archdiocese of Boston is, approximately, 40 to 1. Moreover, the numbers in the former represent one city, while the latter is comprised of five counties.

The Catholic Action League called the revelations “shocking and astonishing, made all the more so by the absence of a moral panic in the Boston media.”

Catholic Action League Executive Director C. J. Doyle made the following comment: “The molestation of minors by homosexual priests was an abominable crime. The anemically inadequate response by those in authority in the Church was a scandal, an injustice, a betrayal, and a gross dereliction of duty.”

“The Church ought to be held to a higher standard than secular society. Nonetheless, the current revelations underscore the brazen double standard and the audacious hypocrisy of Boston’s media and political elites.”

“When it comes to sexual abuse in the public schools, there are no front page headlines, demands for resignations, or calls for prosecutions and government investigations. There is no daily drum beat of articles, editorials, columns, and op-ed pieces. There are no lead stories in television news coverage or drive time discussions on talk radio.”

The Boston Globe actually downplayed the story, suggesting that the numbers were ‘murky.’

“No one should believe that the media campaign against the Catholic Church twenty years ago was motivated by a desire to protect children. The Globe believes that 64 million dead children from abortion aren’t enough.”

“For the Globe and the rest of the Boston media, coverage of sexual abuse in the Catholic Church always had just one purpose—discrediting, neutralizing and destroying the public influence of an institution they regarded as a political, cultural and ideological enemy. Minimal Boston media attention to appalling figures of sexual abuse in the public schools confirms that reality, once again.”



Contact: C. J. Doyle
(617) 524-6309


On January 8th, a letter to the editor from the Catholic Action League of Massachusetts, responding to uninformed criticisms of the legacy of Pope Benedict XVI, was published, unedited and in its entirety, by the Boston Sunday Herald.

On January 1st, New Hampshire’s Rochester Voice carried the League’s comments mourning the death of Pope Benedict.

The January print edition of the Boston Broadside published the League’s News Release on the undercounting of anti-Catholic incidents in the FBI’s annual report on hate crimes in the United States. The Broadside also printed a League Press Statement on proposed legislation—House Bill 662—which would ensure that public school students in the Commonwealth were taught about the development of the child in utero.

The Fatima Center has now posted on its website a video of League Executive Director C. J. Doyle’s talk on the New England and eugenicist origins of the anti-life movement in American law, politics, jurisprudence and public policy.

The talk, delivered at the Fatima Center Conference in Manchester, New Hampshire, is entitled Fatima Foretold Attacks on the Faith:The New England Model. It can also be seen on YouTube and on Rumble.


JANUARY 6, 2023 — Published on January 8th.

Boston Herald
100 Grossman Drive, 4th Floor
Braintree, Massachusetts 02184

To the Editor,

Gary Franks’ ill timed, one sided and uninformed column on Pope Benedict was a mixture of factual errors, unwarranted conclusions and irrelevant assertions, (Franks: Pope’s passing sparks reflections on scandals & fallout, 1/6/2023).

Franks made the preposterous claim that Cardinal Ratzinger was responsible for disciplining clerical offenders for 25 years before becoming Pope. Ratzinger’s authority over sexual abuses cases in the Church extended for just four years, from 2001 to 2005.

He actually sought that responsibility because he believed bishops were not doing enough to remove perverts from the priesthood. Many objective observers credit then Cardinal Ratzinger with revolutionary initiatives which resulted in the first effective action by the Vatican to combat clerical sexual abuse.

As Cardinal and as Pope, Benedict had 848 molesting priests defrocked. Among them was the previously untouchable Reverend Marcial Maciel of the Legionaries of Christ. Benedict was also the first Pope to meet with sexual abuse victims.

There are many culprits in the scandal of sexual abuse in the Church. Benedict XVI is not one of them.


C. J. Doyle
Executive Director
Catholic Action League of Massachusetts
PO Box 112
Boston, MA 02131
(617) 524-6309

Attention: Sandra Kent, Editorial Page Editor



Contact: C. J. Doyle
(617) 524-6309


Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, Requiescat in Pace

The Catholic Action League of Massachusetts today is mourning the loss of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, who died this morning at the age of 95.

Born Joseph Ratzinger in Bavaria in 1927, he was conscripted from his Catholic high school classroom into the German Army in 1943. Ordained to the priesthood in 1951, he earned his doctorate in theology in 1953.

A distinguished academic, Ratzinger would spend the next 24 years teaching theology and philosophy at various Catholic universities in Germany. From 1962 to 1965, he served as a peritus, or expert consultant, at the Second Vatican Council.

In March of 1977, Pope Paul VI appointed Joseph Ratzinger Archbishop of Munich and Freising. He was consecrated a bishop in May, and elevated to the Sacred College of Cardinals in June of that year.

In 1981, Pope John Paul II made Cardinal Ratzinger one of the senior officials of the Roman Curia, when he named him Prefect of the Sacred Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, a position which he would hold for the following 24 years. In 2002, he became the Dean of the College of Cardinals.

In 2004, Ratzinger sparked international controversy when he issued a statement declaring that Catholic public officials who support abortion and euthanasia should be refused Holy Communion on the grounds of their formal cooperation with evil and their obstinate persistence in manifest grave sin.

In April, 2005, following the death of Saint John Paul II, Cardinal Ratzinger was elected, at the age of 78, the 264th successor to Saint Peter as Bishop of Rome, taking the name Benedict XVI.

After a historic pontificate of eight years, Benedict resigned as Pope in February of 2013.

The Catholic Action League called Benedict "a good man and an orthodox pontiff, who, under trying circumstances, did much to salvage the traditional Faith from the wreckage of post conciliar Catholicism."

Catholic Action League Executive Director C. J. Doyle made the following comment: "There are two initiatives of Benedict’s papacy which will be remembered in the annals of the Church. The first is his 2007 Apostolic Letter Summorum Pontificum."

"This ended the unprecedented, unnatural and un-Catholic regime, of nearly four decades, where the ancient Latin liturgy of the Roman Rite—which had done so much to define and enrich Catholicism for two millennia—had been, effectively, suppressed by Pope Paul VI."

"At a time when Catholic numbers were declining, this decree proved extraordinarily fruitful in increasing Mass attendance—particularly among young families with children—and in attracting vocations to the priesthood. Benedict’s liberation of the Traditional Mass and Divine Office, is now, sadly, being reversed by the current pontiff, but its widespread success means that it will not be easily undone."

"The second historic achievement of the Benedictine pontificate was the creation, in 2009, in England, America and Australia, of the Anglican Ordinariates, which allowed Anglicans seeking union with Rome a corporate existence within the Catholic Church, while retaining their cultural and liturgical patrimony."

"This has laid the foundation for a future Uniate church and, potentially, a second Western Rite of Catholicism."

"Benedict’s courageous candor violated the norms of ecumenical diplomacy during his famous speech at Regensburg on the relationship between Faith and reason. Decrying the use of force in religion, he quoted the Byzantine Emperor Maunuel II, who wrote "Show me just what Mohammed brought that was new, and there you will find things only evil and inhuman, such as his command to spread by the sword the faith he preached."

"Benedict was much maligned in the secular media over clerical sexual abuse, but even Nicole Winfield of the Associated Press admitted that Benedict was 'responsible for turning the Vatican around on the issue,' describing as 'revolutionary' his 2001 decision, while still head of the Holy See’s doctrinal office, 'to assume responsibility for processing those cases after he realized bishops around the world weren't punishing abusers...'"

"Benedict went on to defrock more than 800 molesting priests, including the notorious and previously untouchable, Reverend Marcial Maciel Degollado of the Legionaries of Christ."

"In one dramatic episode, Benedict rebuked the Irish hierarchy in a 2010 meeting in the Vatican, where the Pontiff demanded that each bishop give an account of his handling of clerical abusers. Benedict told the bishops that child abuse was 'a heinous crime.'"

"None of this stopped the usual bigots from using the homosexual molestation crisis in the priesthood to ventilate their longstanding and pre-existing enmity towards Catholicism."

"During the Pope’s state visit to the United Kingdom in 2010, the hate mongering atheists Christopher Hitchens and Richard Dawkins organized demonstrations calling for the Pope’s arrest. Dawkins called him 'a leering old villain in a frock.'"

"Sex abuse victim activist Phil Saviano, an open homosexual and a self described 'recovering Catholic,' demanded that Benedict be indicted by the International Criminal Court in the Hague, a stance that did not prevent Cardinal Sean O’Malley from lavishing praise on Saviano following his death in 2021."

"The vile, Catholic hating Margery Eagan, of the Boston Herald, baited local Catholics by insisting that 'The Pope should resign. He should offer himself up to authorities for prosecution,' while the vicious, apostate Catholic Joan Vennochi of The Boston Globe, claimed that Benedict was more interested in cracking down on feminist nuns than pedophile priests."

"Anti-Catholic fanatic Jim Braude, of taxpayer funded WGBH TV—which David F. Pierre, Jr. of aptly described as 'Boston Public Bigotry'—ranted about the then 91 year old Benedict as recently as 2019."

"Like his predecessor, Saint John Paul II, Pope Benedict XVI was forthright and unyielding in his defense of the sanctity of innocent life, the immutable character of marriage, and an objective moral order founded upon Sacred Scripture, natural law, and 2000 years of magisterial teachings."

"Future Catholics will judge Benedict XVI to have been a good pope, faithful to his vows, dedicated to his vocation, and conscientious in discharging the obligations of his office."

Eternal rest grant unto him, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon him. May he rest in peace. Amen. May his soul and the souls of all the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen.



Contact: C. J. Doyle
(617) 524-6309


On December 12th, the Federal Bureau of Investigation issued its annual Report on Hate Crime Statistics in the United States.

The report found that 7,262 bias motivated criminal acts were perpetrated in the calendar year 2021. Of these, 1,013 incidents, or nearly 14%, were offenses in which religion was the bias motivator, with 362 incidents, or .5%, categorized as Anti-Catholic.

The report however, undercounts the number of anti-Catholic hate crimes in the Bay State.

According to statistics compiled by the Catholic Action League of Massachusetts, there were 14 known incidents of vandalism directed against Catholic churches, schools and religious iconography in the Commonwealth in 2021.

Of these, seven occurred in Boston, two in Pittsfield, and one each in the communities of Everett, Franklin, Framingham, Ludlow and Waltham.

In Table 13 of the FBI report, which provides state by state incident totals according to municipality, the category of Religion lists zero incidents in Everett, Pittsfield and Waltham, meaning that, at minimum, 28% of anti-Catholic hate crimes in Massachusetts were omitted from the FBI report.

The Catholic Action League called the omissions "a chronic, longstanding deficiency in which the likely culprit is the Catholic Church itself."

Catholic Action League Executive Director C. J. Doyle made the following comment: "Neither the Archdiocese of Boston nor any of the other three Catholic dioceses in Massachusetts have a uniform policy for reporting, documenting, and tabulating anti-Catholic hate crimes."

"While individual pastors whose churches have been vandalized will sometimes speak out, the leadership of the Church makes no effort to publicize these incidents, and never calls for the prosecution of the offenders."

"This silence is a formula for continued victimization."

"According to the FBI, the reporting agencies for hate crime statistics include not only law enforcement entities, but colleges and universities. This means, in Massachusetts, at least, none of the nine Catholic institutions of higher education in the state have bothered to compile data, or report incidents, on attacks on Catholic churches, property and religious art."

"The Catholic Church must emulate other religious groups in America by vigorously asserting, not only its constitutional right to religious freedom, but its fundamental moral and legal right to physical safety from violent attacks by criminals."

"It can best accomplish this by educating the Catholic community about these incidents and by demanding that police, prosecutors and political leaders demonstrate the will, and commit the resources, to pursue, arrest, convict and incarcerate the offenders."

“According to the FBI, the reporting agencies for hate crime statistics include not only law enforcement entities, but colleges and universities. This means, in Massachusetts, at least, none of the nine Catholic institutions of higher education in the state have bothered to compile data, or report incidents, on attacks on Catholic churches, property and religious art.”

“The Catholic Church must emulate other religious groups in America by vigorously asserting, not only its constitutional right to religious freedom, but its fundamental moral and legal right to physical safety from violent attacks by criminals.”

“It can best accomplish this by educating the Catholic community about these incidents and by demanding that police, prosecutors and political leaders demonstrate the will, and commit the resources, to pursue, arrest, convict and incarcerate the offenders.”


DECEMBER 7, 2022 — Published on December 15

Letters to the Editor
The Boston Globe
One Exchange Place, Suite 201
Boston, MA 02109-2132

To the Editor:

The mean spirited attempt to expunge the names of Boston City Council President James M. Kelly and City Councilor Albert L. “Dapper” O’Neil from public spaces in Boston is a vindictive campaign of damnatio memoriae, (You’ve heard about efforts to rename Faneuil Hall. But what about spaces named after these modern-day figures?, 12/2/2022).

Unlike many modern politicians, Kelly and O’Neill actually sought to represent the views and values of those who elected them. Neither of them got rich in public office, and neither of them retired to become corporate lobbyists.

O’Neil’s longevity in elected office was attributed to his willingness to provide constituent services to all the neighborhoods of Boston.

Kelly and O’Neil were right to oppose forced busing for the public schools in 1974. So did most Bostonians.

Federal Judge Arthur Garrity’s order to abolish neighborhood schools and bus school children to implement desegregation was opposed by a margin of 15 to 1 in a non-binding municipal referendum held in May of 1974.

An April, 1974 Boston Globe poll found that 63% of city residents were against the busing of school children out of their own neighborhoods.

A subsequent Globe poll found that less than half of black parents supported court ordered busing, while nearly 80% favored a freedom of choice plan for the public schools.


C. J. Doyle
Executive Director
Catholic Action League of Massachusetts
PO Box 112
Boston, MA 02131
(617) 524-6309


DECEMBER 7, 2022 — Published on December 11

Boston Herald
100 Grossman Drive, 4th Floor
Braintree, Massachusetts 02184

To the Editor,

It comes as no surprise that cancel culture is attacking the memory of the late Boston City Council President James M. Kelly, and his colleague, Councilor Albert L. “Dapper” O’Neil, (Battenfeld: Bridge named after conservative South Boston city councilor targeted by activists, 12/3/2022).

Both Kelly and O’Neil were outspoken in telling the truth, eschewed political correctness and refused to pander to the grievance industry. They represented, with vigor and determination, the beliefs, positions and interests of their constituents.

They should be remembered, and honored, for their courage, independence and integrity.


C. J. Doyle
Executive Director
Catholic Action League of Massachusetts
PO Box 112
Boston, MA 02131
(617) 524-6309

Attention: Sandra Kent, Editorial Page Editor



Contact: C. J. Doyle
(617) 524-6309


The Catholic Action League of Massachusetts today is mourning the loss of one of its longtime members, Brian D. Kelly of Fitzwilliam, New Hampshire. Brian died on November 9th, after a protracted period of declining health. He was 70 years old.

Brian practiced the First Saturdays Devotion to the Immaculate Heart, and had received all the sacraments just four days prior to his death.

The Irish American son of pious Catholic parents, Brian was born and raised in West Orange, New Jersey, where he attended parochial school. He graduated from Essex Catholic High School in Newark, which was administered by the Christian Brothers of Ireland.

After attending junior college in California, Brian, impelled by the influence of his devout mother, traveled to New England to seek out the Slaves of the Immaculate Heart of Mary at the Saint Benedict Center. He would spend the remaining 49 years of life at the Saint Benedict Center, first as a student, and later as a teacher, catechist, writer, editor and lecturer.

Under the tutelage of Brother Francis Maluf, MICM, Brian studied philosophy, theology and New Testament Greek and Latin. He would go on to spend a year studying at the Angelicum in Rome.

For many years, Brian served the Center’s apostolate as Editor of their magazine, From The Housetops, their newsletter, Mancipia, and their website, He was also a contributing columnist to all three.

From 1999 to 2005, Brian was was editor-in-chief of Loreto Publications. He was a regular speaker at the Saint Joseph Forum in Indiana, and also lectured at the Saint Benedict Center Conferences in New Hampshire.

Brian Kelly was an old friend, a fervent and apostolic Catholic, an erudite scholar, a gifted writer, a devoted husband to his wife Gwendolyn, and a humble and forbearing Christian gentleman. He will be sorely missed.

The Catholic Action League wishes to extend its heartfelt condolences, on the occasion of their grievous loss, to Gwen Kelly and to the rest of Brian’s family.

A Requiem Mass will be celebrated at Saint Stanislaus Parish in Winchester, New Hampshire, at 10:00 AM on Tuesday, November 15th. Burial will be at the Saint Benedict Center in Richmond, New Hampshire.

O God, the Creator and Redeemer of all the faithful, grant to the souls of Your servants and handmaids departed the full remission of their sins, that, through our devout prayers, they may obtain the pardon, which they have always desired, Who live and reign, world without end. Amen. Collect of the the First Mass on All Souls Day from the Roman Missal of Saint Pius V

Eternal rest grant unto him, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon him. May he rest in peace. Amen. May his soul and the souls of all the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen. Prayers for the Bystanders at the Grave from the Roman Ritual of Saint Pius V

It is a holy and wholesome thought to pray for the dead, that they might be loosed from sins.2 Maccabees 12:4



Contact: C. J. Doyle
(617) 524-6309


November 12, 2022 will be the 64th anniversary of the death of Boston Mayor and Massachusetts Governor James Michael Curley. The Catholic Action League of Massachusetts will hold its Annual Rosary at the Curley grave on Saturday, November 12th, at 12 noon.

Mayor Curley’s grave is located on the top of the hill, behind the chapel, in Old Calvary Cemetery in Roslindale, just off Cummins Highway. All Catholic Action League members are invited to participate.

November is the month of the Holy Souls in Purgatory, when the Church remembers in her prayers the faithful departed. Please pray for the repose of the souls of all deceased members of the Catholic Action League, and those of our predecessor organization, the Massachusetts Chapter of the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights, including those listed below:

  • Mr. and Mrs. Joseph L. Ahern
  • Joseph Arena
  • Helene Armeno
  • Catherine Barden
  • Joseph M. Beard
  • Mr. and Mrs. Emile J. Beauregard
  • Joseph L. Begnoche
  • Hon. Angelo Berlandi
  • Robert M. Berlo
  • Barbara M. Bersaw
  • Louise Birmingham
  • Marilyn Birnie
  • Robert W. Boehm
  • Gloria Brackett
  • Elisabeth Bresnahan
  • Mary Bulger
  • Mary Louise Burckhart
  • Rev. William C. Burckhart
  • David R. Burke
  • Leona Carlsen
  • Mr. and Mrs. Bertrand G. Chasse
  • Mr. and Mrs. George A. Coleman
  • Hon. and Mrs. John F. Collins
  • Hon. David F. Constantine
  • Rev. Msgr. Leonard A. Coppenrath
  • Hon. Francis X. Coppinger
  • Hon. John J. Costello
  • Martin J. Costello
  • Charles O. Coudert
  • Leo J. Coveney
  • Hon. and Mrs. James J. Craven, Jr.
  • Dr. Philip T. Crotty, Jr.
  • Ann Cutress
  • Hon. Michael A. D’Avolio
  • Rev. Msgr. John Dillon Day
  • Jane M. Deery
  • Robert J. Delery
  • James J. Derba
  • James S. DiPerri
  • Marilyn Doherty
  • Cora Anne Donovan
  • Paul I. Dooley
  • Francis A. Doyle, Sr.
  • Gregory and Marie Dunn
  • Dorothy D. Edson
  • William S. Farrell
  • Dennis F. Finn
  • Robert J. Flanagan
  • Thomas A. Flatley
  • Thomas J. Flatley
  • Carmine F. Grassini
  • Yvonne Goddard
  • Roger B. Gill
  • Charles P. Gourlis
  • Thomas Hamill
  • Edward B. Hanify, Jr.
  • Christine Hanley
  • Hon. & Mrs. Edward T. Hanley
  • Mrs. Marion Hardy
  • Mr. and Mrs. Joseph L. Healy
  • H. Noel Hebard
  • Rev. Cornelius J. Heery
  • Esther Johnson
  • Rev. Harold J. Johnson
  • Frederick M. Kelley
  • Hon. James M. Kelly
  • Eugene F. Kiely, Jr.
  • H. E., Edward J. King
  • Alfred A. Lagan
  • H. E., Bernard, Cardinal, Law
  • Frederick G. Lewis
  • Paul A. Likoudis
  • Anthony & Rita Lombardi
  • Frederick D. Long
  • Rev. Charles Stanley MacIsaac, OS
  • Florence MacIsaac
  • Mr. and Mrs. John J. MacIsaac
  • Albert James Healy Madden
  • Richard Malone
  • Paul May
  • Francis R. Mazzaglia
  • Gerald Mazzarella
  • Vincent Mazzarella
  • Paul McCarthy
  • Andrew J. McCauley, Esq.
  • Celia McClory
  • Rev. Myron McCormick, OFM
  • Mrs. Mary McEnroe
  • John A. McNeice, Jr.
  • Gino Michelutti
  • William P. Monahan, Esq.
  • Paul F. X. Moriarty
  • Rosemary Motta
  • John T. Mulry
  • Walter T. Mulry
  • Hon. James J. Nixon
  • Hon. Joseph R. Nolan
  • Mary F. O’Brien
  • Owen L. O’Malley
  • Rev. Hugh H. O’Regan
  • Dante Pattavina
  • Frances Pattavina
  • Dr. Vincent Pattavina
  • Rev. Gilbert S. Phinn
  • Frederick C. Pulsifer
  • Janet E. Ray
  • Thomas F. Reynolds
  • Gerald M. Ridge
  • Most Rev. Lawrence J. Riley
  • John S. Ring
  • Barbara Ann Rockett, M.D.
  • Richard F. Russo
  • George T. Ryan
  • Roy R. Scarpato
  • John J. Shaughnessy
  • Elinore C. Sheils
  • Francis N. Sheils
  • Hugh B. Sheridan, Jr.
  • John W. Spillane, KHS, Esq.
  • Dr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Stanton
  • Virginia Teehan
  • Peter L. Travers, Jr.
  • Chester F. Tyminski
  • Hon. John T. Tynan
  • Bro. Bartholomew Varden, CFX
  • Wilfrid A. Villarrubia
  • Rev. Francis X. Wallace
  • Thomas A. Walsh
  • Thomas A. Welch
  • L. Thomas White



Contact: C. J. Doyle
(617) 524-6309


The Catholic Action League of Massachusetts is applauding the Men’s March to Abolish Abortion and Rally For Personhood, which was held earlier today in Boston.

The purpose of the march was to encourage men—as fathers, brothers and sons—to increase their participation in the cause of protecting innocent human life. Historically, the the pro-life movement, in its leadership, membership and activist cadres, has been dominated by Catholic and Evangelical women.

The march began at Planned Parenthood in Allston, and continued to the Massachusetts State House on Beacon Hill, where the Rally For Personhood took place.

More than 300 men joined the march, while upwards of 400 participants were present for the rally on Beacon Street in front of the State House.

A group of 20 counter-protestors, dressed in clown suits, followed the march, making noise and taunting the Catholic men while they were reciting the Rosary. Later a small number of Antifa militants arrived at the State House to shout obscenities during the proceedings.

Speakers included Father Stephen Imbarrato and Jim Havens, Co-Founders of the Men’s March, Joe Gallagher of Church Militant, and Sister Deirdre Byrne.

Also featured was Mark Houck, the Pennsylvania pro-life activist arrested at his home, in front of his wife and seven children, by twenty FBI agents wearing flak vests and carrying rifles.

One of the most effective speeches of the day was given by Terry Beatley, President and Founder of the Hosea Initiative.

The Catholic Action League called the event “an encouraging expression of pro-life solidarity, at a time when our institutions are subjected to criminal acts of arson and vandalism, and when crisis pregnancy centers are facing restriction and suppression at the hands of pro-abortion elected officials.”

Catholic Action League Executive Director C. J. Doyle made the following comment: “While today’s event was a tremendous success, it remains both bewildering and disheartening that the Archdiocese of Boston would not only fail to support the march, but actually erect roadblocks to discourage Catholics from participating in it.”

“In the absence of a credible explanation, faithful Catholics are left to conclude that Cardinal O’Malley’s cordial relationship with the Bay State’s pro-abortion political class, along with the longstanding hostility of his closest advisors to grass roots pro-life activism, are the causes behind this shameful obstruction of a historic public witness to the right to life.”



Contact: C. J. Doyle
(617) 524-6309


A major pro-life event is coming the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the City of Boston on Saturday, October 15th. That event is the National Men’s March To Abolish Abortion And Rally For Personhood.

At 11:30 am on the 15th, the participants will gather at the Planned Parenthood abortuary at 1055 Commonwealth Avenue in Allston. At 12:30 pm, they will commence their march to the Massachusetts State House. At 2 pm, the Rally For Personhood will begin in front of the State House on Beacon Street in Boston.

The purpose of the march is to encourage men, especially fathers, to take responsibility and resolve to do more to end the scourge of abortion in America.

Previous marches have included one in Baltimore in November of 2021, one in Tallahassee in June of 2022, and another, also in June of 2022, in Washington, D.C.

This admirable endeavor deserves the support of all Faithful Catholics, and all those who believe that innocent human life deserves the protection of law from conception to natural death.

At a time when crisis pregnancy centers are being targeted by both violence and government persecution, and when even churches are under attack for their defense of the unborn, a demonstration of pro-life fortitude, constancy and solidarity is warranted.

Please join us this Saturday, October 15th.

Thank you.

Christopher Columbus by Sebastiano del Piombo, 1519



Contact: C. J. Doyle
(617) 524-6309

Hundreds of communities, 24 American states, and numerous countries, on three continents, in two hemispheres, have traditionally celebrated the life and legacy of Christopher Columbus on October 12th. That was the day, 530 years ago, when the Admiral of the Ocean Sea first sighted the New World as his ships approached what is now the Commonwealth of the Bahamas.

In 1892, Benjamin Harrison became the first American President to recognize October 12th as Columbus Day. It was an act of reparation to Italian Americans, and a gesture of conciliation to the Kingdom of Italy, following the lynching of eleven Italians by a nativist mob in New Orleans in 1891.

The next President to honor the Great Explorer was William Howard Taft, who delivered an address at the unveiling of a statue of Christopher Columbus outside of Union Station in Washington in 1912.

Despite opposition from the Ku Klux Klan, which derided Columbus celebrations as a “Papal fraud,” the Seventy-third Congress passed a resolution on April 30, 1934, establishing Columbus Day.

It authorized the President of the United States to “issue a proclamation designating October 12 of each year as Columbus Day and calling upon officials of the Government to display the flag of the United States on all Government buildings on said date and inviting the people of the United States to observe the day in schools and churches, or other suitable places, with appropriate ceremonies expressive of the public sentiment befitting the anniversary of the discovery of America.”

Columbus Day became a federal holiday in 1937. In 1971, the celebration of October 12th was moved to the second Monday in October.

President Franklin D. Roosevelt began the White House tradition of issuing annual statements praising the Discoverer of America. That tradition ended in 2021, when the occupant of the White House, Joseph Biden, issued a proclamation lamenting the “painful history of wrongs and atrocities that many European explorers inflicted on Tribal Nations and Indigenous communities.”

The current attempts to demonize Columbus have little to do with the history of 15th century Hispaniola and everything to do with the politics of the 21st century United States. It is not founded upon solicitude for native peoples, but upon hatred of America, and contempt for Americans of European culture and ancestry. Its purpose is not the redress of grievances, but the perpetration of culturcide as a prelude to revolution.

Christopher Columbus was a gifted visionary, a brave explorer, a skillful navigator, and a pious Catholic who once stood before the King and Queen of Spain wearing the robes of a Franciscan tertiary.

Slavery pre-existed the arrival of Columbus in the Americas, as did human sacrifice, cannibalism, heart extraction, ritual castration, the kidnapping and concubinage of women and pandemic warfare.

Columbus and his successors delivered native peoples from savage barbarism, cruel oppression, gruesome horrors, hideous atrocities and endemic violence. Columbus, who sought the peaceful conversion of natives, brought the blessings of the Catholic Faith and Christian civilization to the New World.

Spanish Catholic colonization of the New World, in all probability, saved millions, perhaps tens of millions, of innocent lives. Modern anthropology estimates that there were 250,000 annual victims of human sacrifice at the hands of the Aztecs alone.

Christopher Columbus should be honored as a hero, not only for the European discovery of America, but for rescuing the people of two continents from pagan societies whose demonic regimes practiced and celebrated mass murder.

He was not only Columbus the Explorer, he was Columbus the Liberator.



Contact: C. J. Doyle
(617) 524-6309


On the weekend of October 29th to October 30th, 2022, The Fatima Center will hold a conference in Manchester, New Hampshire. The theme of the conference will be Fatima: The Moment Has Come.

The Fatima Center is the renowned International Marian Apostolate founded by the late Father Nicholas Gruner, which is dedicated to promoting the full message of Fatima.

Among the speakers at the conference will be the Executive Director of the Catholic Action League of Massachusetts, C. J. Doyle. The topic of his address will be Fatima Foretold Attacks Against the Faith: The New England Model. Doyle will speak at 2:50 pm on Saturday, October 29th.

Other speakers will include Father James Altman, Father James Mawdsley, Father Michael Rodriguez, Christopher Ferrara, Susan Vennari, Elizabeth Yore and David Rodriguez.

The conference will be held at the Best Western Plus Executive Court Inn. It will begin with the Holy Rosary and the Traditional Latin Mass on Saturday morning.

For more information about this important Catholic event, you may go to The Fatima Center website here.

As the situation in the Church and the world deteriorates, the Message of Our Lady of Fatima has never been more urgent, more timely, and more necessary for the salvation of souls, for the restoration of the Faith and for the very preservation of what remains of Christian Civilization.

Please join us on October 29th!

Thank you.



Contact: C. J. Doyle
(617) 524-6309


Scene at the Signing of the Constitution of the United States,
by Howard Chandler Christy (1940)

The Catholic Action League of Massachusetts is hailing Constitution Day, September 17th, 2022—the 235th anniversary of the signing of the Constitution of the United States of America.

On this day, in 1787 in Philadelphia, thirty nine Founding Fathers who were delegates to the Constitutional Convention, affixed their signatures to the document which would guarantee the freedom, unity and greatness of a new nation—one borne of the struggle of thirteen former colonies for their independence from the British Empire.

In all, there were 55 delegates to the Convention—now known as the Framers of the Constitution—of whom, 39 were present on the last day of the Convention, September 17th and signed the American compact.

“The Indispensable Man,” General George Washington, was the Chairman of the Convention.

Another future President, James Madison, would come to be regarded as the “Father of the Constitution,” for his contributions to the deliberations. His famous Notes of Debates in the Federal Convention of 1787 comprise the principal historical record of the proceedings.

The eminent New York Federalist Gouverneur Morris—a member of the Continental Congress who would become one of the young Republic’s most distinguished diplomats—is believed to be the actual final recorder of the Constitution.

Only one Catholic, Charles Carroll of Carrolton, signed the Declaration of Independence. There were two Catholic Framers of the Constitution however, Charles Carroll’s cousin, Daniel Carroll of Maryland, and Thomas Fitzsimons of Pennsylvania.

American Catholics have a compelling reason and a particular obligation to regard, with affection and gratitude, America’s founding document.

The last line of Article VI of the Constitution states: “ religious Test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or public Trust under the United States.”

For American Catholics, this was the 18th century equivalent of Constantine’s Edict of Milan. For the first time in the English speaking world, since the Protestant Revolution of the 16th century, Catholics could now attain to the full rights of citizenship, including the right to hold elective office.

It would be more than four decades later before Catholic Emancipation finally came to Great Britain and Ireland in 1829. Even the 1780 Constitution of Massachusetts—the expert work of John Adams, Samuel Adams and James Bowdoin—contained an anti-Catholic oath.

All public servants in the Bay State were not only required to “renounce and abjure all allegiance” to any foreign power, but to attest that “no foreign prince, person, prelate, state, or potentate hath, or ought to have any jurisdiction, superiority, preeminence, authority, dispensing or other power, in any matter, civil, ecclesiastical, or spiritual, within this commonwealth.”

It would be at the state constitutional convention of 1820 that this bigoted provision was finally excised.

The Gospel of Saint Matthew instructs us “By their fruits you shall know them. .”

What were the fruits of the U. S. Constitution?

A Republic; an enduring Federal Union; civil liberty and religious freedom; the rule of law; an aspiration, at least, for equal justice under law; democratic governance, prudently tempered by the separation of powers; and an effective unitary executive, more capable of defending the country than the enfeebled collective leadership of the Articles of Confederation.

In certain Catholic intellectual circles, some integralists now assert that the American Founding, and the Constitution which was its achievement, are radically deficient from the standpoint of Catholic teachings about the Social Kingship of Jesus Christ.

Whatever the merit of their arguments, now is not the time to litigate this case. A Constitution that has provided American Catholics two hundred years of liberty and security is now under deadly assault by Leninist totalitarians who would inflict a socialist state and a Marxist society upon America.

The insurmountable obstacle to the malevolent ambitions of these culturcidal barbarians is that indomitable fortress of civilized and representative government known as the Constitution of the United States.

That is why the woke fanatics want to abolish the Electoral College, pack the Supreme Court, deform the Senate, alter the character of the District of Columbia and admit to the Union a territory that is amicable, but not Anglophone.

The great Anglo-Irish parliamentarian Edmund Burke famously wrote that “Manners are of more importance than laws...,” meaning that the habits and customs of a people are more binding than statutes in law books.

The Constitution is not only the supreme law of the land, but is the customary, consensual and long established framework for the governing of America—the keystone of our unity and the charter of our nationhood. It is part of the perennial wisdom of our American civilization.

In what was perhaps the greatest compliment paid by the leader of one country to another country, British Prime Minister William Gladstone said that “...the American Constitution is, so far as I can see, the most wonderful work ever struck off at a given time by the brain and purpose of man.”

What impressed the mind of Gladstone, is now scorned by the organized ignorance of American “higher” education.

As Catholics and as Americans, let us defend what was handed down to us!



Contact: C. J. Doyle
(617) 524-6309


Our Lady of Dolours

Today, September 15th, is the Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows, or, as it was called in the traditional liturgical calendar, the Feast of the Seven Dolours of the Blessed Virgin Mary (Septem Dolorum Beatae Mariae Virginis). Each day of the year, faithful Catholics recite, in their morning prayers, in their Angelus, in their Rosary, and in the Leonine prayers after the Latin Low Mass, the Ave Maria of Saint Dominic — the Hail Mary.

On this day, however, it has been a pious custom to recite, while contemplating the Seven Dolours, the Ave Maria of Saint Bonaventure.

It reads as follows:

Hail Mary, full of sorrows, Jesus crucified is with thee. Tearful art thou among women, and tearful is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus. Holy Mary, Mother of Jesus crucified, give tears to us, crucifiers of thy Son, now and at the hour of our death. Amen.

The Seven Dolours are:

  1. The prophecy of Simeon (Luke 2:25-35)
  2. The flight into Egypt (Matthew 2:13-15)
  3. The Loss of the Child Jesus for three days in the Temple (Luke 2:41-50)
  4. The Ascent of Calvary, the meeting of Our Lord and Our Lady on the Via Dolorosa (Luke 23:27-31; John, 19:17)
  5. The Crucifixion and Death of Our Savior (John 19:25-30)
  6. The body of Jesus is taken down from the Cross (Psalm 130; Luke 23:50-54; John 19:31-37)
  7. Jesus is laid in the Tomb (Isaiah 53:8; Luke 23:50-56; John 19:38-42; Mark 15:40-47)

This devotion was revealed to Saint Bridget of Sweden. It commemorates the spiritual martyrdom of Our Lady, who stood at the foot of the Cross. The feast was extended to the entire Latin Church by Pope Saint Pius X.

Let us pray for the intercession of Our Lady, as Catholics stand at the foot of the Cross, while the Church—the Mystical Body of Christ—is crucified for the sins of its leaders and its members.

Our Lady of Sorrows, pray for us.

Saint Joseph, pray for us.

Saint Simeon, pray for us.

Saint Bridget, pray for us.

Saint Pius X, pray for us.




Contact: C. J. Doyle
(617) 524-6309


Cardinal O’Malley congratulating Secretary of State John Kerry in 2014, after Kerry received an honorary degree from Boston College.

A major pro-life event is coming the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the City of Boston on Saturday, October 15th. That event is the National Men’s March To Abolish Abortion And Rally For Personhood.

At 11:30 am on the 15th, the participants will gather at the Planned Parenthood abortuary at 1055 Commonwealth Avenue in Allston. At 12:30 pm, they will commence their march to the Massachusetts State House. At 2 pm, the Rally For Personhood will begin in front of the State House on Beacon Street in Boston.

The purpose of the march is to encourage men, especially fathers, to take responsibility and resolve to do more to end the scourge of abortion in America.

Previous marches have included one in Baltimore in November of 2021, one in Tallahassee in June of 2022, and another, also in June of 2022, in Washington, D.C.

This admirable endeavor deserves the support of all Faithful Catholics, and all those who believe that innocent human life deserves the protection of law from conception to natural death.

The archdiocese slams the door

Shockingly, though perhaps, unsurprisingly, the Archdiocese of Boston is refusing to support the march, and erecting roadblocks to its success.

March organizers wrote to Cardinal Sean O’Malley, seeking his support. They received no reply. Instead, on August 16th, a statement was issued by the Archdiocese of Boston, under the name of a middle level bureaucrat, Father William P. Joy, effectively ordering parishes and Catholic schools not to support the march.

The statement said that Cardinal O’Malley would join the Annual March for Life in Washington in January of 2023, and went on to say that the archdiocese will focus all of its attention and support on that event.

It then added, ominously, “It is important this commitment be understood. Parishes and schools may be approached to publicize or support other marches, but these will not be endorsed by the Archdiocese nor should they be supported by its institutions.”

Now, the Catholic Action League has just learned that The Pilot, the archdiocesan newspaper, is refusing advertisements for the Men’s March.

Obviously, the suggestion that Catholic institutions are somehow incapable of supporting two different pro-life events—three months apart—is an example of the casual, callous and adolescent level of mendacity which Catholics have come to expect from their ecclesiastical leaders.

Why, then, are Cardinal O’Malley and the archdiocese trying to undermine the Men’s March For Life?

I suspect that there are, at least, three reasons:

(1) A history of withholding support The pro-life position of the Archdiocese of Boston has carefully delineated limits, whose boundaries, unlike America’s southern border, are strictly enforced.

The RCAB will promote its own pro-life initiatives, and will participate in events sponsored by establishment right to life organizations, like the March For Life and Massachusetts Citizens For Life, who have a history of deference to the Catholic hierarchy.

Beyond that, it will not go. The archdiocese has a long record of cold shouldering effective, grass-roots pro-life groups like Operation Rescue: Boston, 40 Days For Life, and the Helpers of God’s Precious Infants.

Some years ago, a representative of Priests For Life was banned from giving a homily at a South Shore parish. Many pro-lifers remember the infamous 2017 incident when the archdiocese and the state’s Catholic Conference tried to sabotage—through a ban on signature gathering on church property—a pro-life constitutional amendment being offered by the MA Alliance To Stop Taxpayer Funded Abortions.

(2) Pro-abortion politicians are their friends The Men’s March has committed a cardinal sin in the eyes of the Archdiocese of Boston. It has called for the enforcement of Canon 915 of the Code of Canon Law, which prohibits giving Holy Communion to those in a state of “manifest grave sin.” In other words, the March organizers oppose the sacrilegious distribution of the Holy Eucharist to pro-abortion politicians.

This issue is the third rail of archdiocesan hypocrisy. Cardinal O’Malley and his aides wish to present themselves as pro-life, while maintaining for decades, a close, amicable, ingratiating and mutually supportive relationship with the politicians who enable, promote, expand and perpetuate the slaughter of the unborn.

Under Cardinal O’Malley, Catholic Charities of Boston gave not one, but two awards, to the pro-abortion, and radically pro-homosexual Mayor of Boston, Thomas Menino.

In 2014, the Society of Saint James the Apostle, whose President is the Cardinal, gave their Man of the Year Award to the fanatically pro-abortion Mayor Marty Walsh, who said he wanted to make Boston a sanctuary city for abortions.

As the Catholic Action League has pointed out, Cardinal O’Malley is, probably, the most egregious offender in the American hierarchy when it comes to giving awards, honors and platforms to pro-abortion political figures.

He routinely made public appearances with Mayor Walsh and Governor Charlie Baker, and brought them to Catholic venues and fundraisers. He held a press conference with Congressman Joe Kennedy III; attended an awards ceremony for Barack Obama; was pictured smiling with Barney Frank at a housing dedication; and co-wrote an op-ed piece on immigration, opposing President Trump, with Bay State Attorney General Maura Healey, a partnered lesbian.

Just six months ago, the same Father Joy who signed the letter targeting the Men’s March, signed another letter stating that the Cardinal would not intervene in the decision of Catholic Memorial School to honor Marty Walsh.

For the Cardinal and the archdiocese, cozy relations with pro-abortion pols means help with fundraising, favorable media coverage, tax dollars for Catholic Charities, and, very possibly, easy municipal approval for the real estate transactions which keep the archdiocese afloat.

(3) It is a liberal archdiocese The Cardinal’s closest advisor is Father Bryan Hehir, the reputed author of Cardinal Joseph Bernardin’s “Seamless Garment” theory.

The intent of this ideological contrivance was to destroy the pro-life movement by trivializing abortion, reducing it to the same moral importance as health care, housing, social welfare, capital punishment and the care of immigrants.

In 2020, Cardinal O’Malley actually said that the unlawful killing of African Americans by police officers was “all too familiar,” and went on to say that “racist premises and attitudes...are woven through basic the United States.”

He has advocated for minority reparations. His support for liberalized immigration “reform” is longstanding.

His tepid, low key statement on the Dobbs decision—the greatest pro-life victory in half a century—seemed intended to reassure so-called progressives that, despite his opposition to abortion, he was still supported them on other issues.

After more than nineteen years of the O’Malley episcopate, I believe it can be reasonably assumed that Cardinal O’Malley and his top aides are bourgeois liberals, who are comfortable with secular, pro-abortion elites, but who are uncomprehending towards ordinary, faithful Catholics who are conservatives, Republicans, or—Heaven forfend!—voters for Donald Trump.

Culturally, socially and politically, the sort of Catholic likely to participate in the Men’s March is an alien species to the leaders of the Archdiocese of Boston. They are members of a different party, and, more importantly, a different class.

What is to be done?

First of all, call the Pastoral Center at 617-254-0100 and express your outrage over the attempted sabotage of the Men’s March.

Secondly, let your local pastor know how upset you are, and that you will be reevaluating your support for the next archdiocesan appeal.

Thirdly, attend and make the Men’s March a success.

Finally, understand and learn to work around the Archdiocese of Boston. It is not an ally, but an obstacle to the pro-life movement in Massachusetts.


Statement of Archdiocese of Boston on pro‑life marches



Dear friends,

Over the last fifty years, the Catholic community has vigorously supported the annual “March for Life” in Washington, DC during the month of January, peacefully and powerfully reminding our Nation that human life deserves respect and protection, morally and legally, from conception through natural death.

Recently, the March for Life organization has announced that the March for Life will continue and will be held on January 20, 2023. Cardinal Seán will lead the delegation from the Archdiocese, having participated in every March for Life over five decades. The Cardinal has always believed that changing minds and hearts on the question of abortion is the deeper challenge beyond changing laws, valuable as that event has been.

Since the Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision, the abortion debate in the country has continued under new terms and conditions. There are events, marches and protests of all kinds being planned and scheduled.

The Archdiocese of Boston will focus all its attention and support on The March for Life in January 2023. It is important this commitment be understood. Parishes and schools may be approached to publicize or support other marches, but these will not be endorsed by the Archdiocese nor should they be supported by its institutions.

As in past years, the Pro-Life Office and the Deacons for Life will continue in the Archdiocese to hold Holy Hours for Life in January for all who cannot journey to Washington.


Fr. Joy



Contact: C. J. Doyle
(617) 524-6309


The Catholic Action League of Massachusetts today called for the firing of Connecticut school administrator Jeremy Boland, who admitted, on videotape, of discriminating against Catholics in hiring practices at his public school. Boland is the Assistant Principal of the Cos Cob Elementary School in Greenwich. His taxpayer funded salary is $154,000 a year.

In an undercover interview conducted Project Veritas in July, Boland, referring to Catholics, said “You don’t hire them. Because if someone is raised hardcore Catholic, it’s like they’re brainwashed. You can never change their mindset. So, when you ask them to consider something new, like a new opportunity, or ‘you have to think about this differently,’ they’re stuck — just rigid.”

As Assistant Principal, Boland was responsible for hiring at his school. Complaining that he could not fire older, more conservative teachers, he boasted “I make an impact with the next teacher I hire. So, my instinct for hiring — I’ve hired maybe four or five people. They’re pretty good.”

Boland indicated that there were, usually, thirty applicants for each teaching position, meaning that in a state which is nearly two-fifths Catholic, some of the applicants turned down by Boland were, likely, members of the Catholic Church.

Title VII of the United States Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibits discrimination in employment based upon an individual’s religion. The State of Connecticut has prohibited discrimination in public employment, based upon religious creed, since the Merit System Act of 1937.

The State has prohibited all religious discrimination in employment since the Fair Employment Practices Act of 1947. In Connecticut employment law, the term employer specifically includes the State of Connecticut and all political subdivisions thereof.

Since 1974, religious discrimination in employment has been a constitutional rights violation under Article the First, Section 20, of the Declaration of Rights of the Constitution of the State of Connecticut.

The Catholic Action League has also called for the Connecticut Human Rights and Opportunities Commission to initiate civil enforcement proceedings against Boland. The Commission has the authority to bring civil cases, pertaining to discrimination in employment, into Superior Court, where civil penalties up to $10,000 can be imposed upon respondents.

The League is also calling upon the Connecticut Department of Education to revoke Boland’s teaching certificate for professional misconduct.

Boland has been suspended by the Greenwich Public Schools and is now being investigated by both the Department of Education and the Connecticut Attorney General’s Office.

The Catholic Action League called Boland’s admission of anti-Catholic discrimination “appalling, chilling, illegal, unconscionable and reprehensible.”

Catholic Action League Executive Director C. J. Doyle made the following comment: “Jeremy Boland is a barefaced bigot who broke the law, abused his public trust and violated the civil and constitutional rights of American citizens. He deserves to removed from his position, banned from his profession, and legally punished for his unlawful behavior.”

“Perhaps even more disturbing is one of the apparent motives for his animus against Catholics. If you read the entire interview, Boland believes that Catholic and conservative teachers might actually be sympathetic to the concerns of parents, and unsupportive of aggressive transgender ideology in public schools.”

“Boland is not only a bigot, but a would-be totalitarian who wants to indoctrinate and sexualize minors and usurp the right of parents to control the upbringing of their own children. One is left to wonder about how representative the extremist views of the indiscreet Jeremy Boland are of the corporate culture dominant in American public education today.”

“Jeremy Boland should never be permitted near a school ever again. Any Catholic who applied for a teaching position at Cos Cob School and was denied employment ought to file suit immediately, seeking redress in both state and federal courts.”




Contact: C. J. Doyle
(617) 524-6309


Next year, in the fall semester of 2023, the Chesterton Academy of Our Lady of Hope, a new classical high school founded upon and faithful to Catholic tradition, will open in Rhode Island.

Committed to beauty, truth, and goodness, Our Lady of Hope will offer an integrated curriculum that honors the great books of Western Civilization, privileges seminar-style learning, and places an emphasis on teaching students how to think critically, reason clearly, and speak persuasively.

Students will also be immersed in the traditional practices and disciplines of the Catholic Faith, including daily attendance at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

Inspired by the beauty and richness of Catholicism, Chesterton Academy will seek to form young men and women to be joyful saints. By introducing them to great thinkers such as Socrates, Saint Thomas Aquinas and Dante, and by forming them in a distinctly Catholic culture, Our Lady of Hope will lead students to choose for themselves the challenge of being a disciple of Christ.

Our Lady of Hope is currently in the process of identifying a headmaster and faculty members. Interested parties are encouraged to apply at

For details about the admission process, please write to To learn more information, or to join the mailing list, please visit the Our Lady of Hope website at

Catholic Action League Executive Director C. J. Doyle made the following comment: “It should, by now, be apparent to all that government controlled education is scornful of the traditional family, inimical to parental authority, antagonistic to religious beliefs and sensibilities, contemptuous of Christian morality, and, in some cases, obsessed with the sexualization of children.”

“All to often, sadly, conventional Catholic education, under the sponsorship of compromised dioceses or modernist religious orders, fails to provide an authentically Catholic alternative to the militant secularism of public education, one which would prepare students to be counter-cultural in a hostile, post-Christian society.”

“That is why independent, parent focused, tradition centered schools committed to the Catholic Faith and classical education are so vitally important to the future of the Church and the future of the Catholic community in America.”

“The Chesterton Academy of Our Lady of Hope will be such a school, one that may prove to be a vital building block in the recovery of Catholic Faith and culture in New England.”

“The Catholic Action League of Massachusetts is happy to give its endorsement to this worthy, promising and Faith filled endeavor.”



SUNDAY, JULY 31, 2022

Contact: C. J. Doyle
(617) 524-6309


On July 30th, Bob Katzen, Publisher of Beacon Hill Roll Call, contacted the Catholic Action League seeking a comment from C. J. Doyle on the decision of Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker to sign the radical abortion expansion bill, H. 5090—An Act expanding protections for reproductive and gender-affirming care.

Catholic Action League Executive Director C. J. Doyle issued the following statement: “As a candidate for Governor in 2014, Charlie Baker was sold as a Bill Weld style Republican—socially liberal but fiscally conservative.”

“The abortion expansion bill which he signed on July 29th imposes new burdens on taxpayers and business owners, increases the scope of government—with state colleges now dispensing Plan B abortion pills—and denies personal freedom of choice for those opposed to abortion.”

“There is no conscience clause for pharmacists, business owners or non-profit organizations, and the religious exemption [for abortion coverage in group health insurance] is so narrowly drawn that most Catholic educational institutions will not qualify under it. Baker’s legacy on this legislation is one of higher spending, bigger government, and less personal freedom.”

An additional comment from C. J. Doyle: “According to the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, there were 16,452 abortions performed in the Commonwealth in 2020, the most recent year for which statistics are available. The Planned Parenthood affiliated Guttmacher Institute gives a somewhat higher number of 17,060. Some 20% of Bay State pregnancies end in abortion.”

“Under this new law, pharmacists may dispense abortifacient so-called emergency contraception to women without medical consultations or prescriptions by physicians. Their only requirement is to report totals to the Department of Public Health. The chemical abortion pill RU-486—the so-called medication abortion—will also be dispensed in health centers in community colleges, state colleges, state universities, and on the campuses of the University of Massachusetts.”

“This means a likely increase in the number of abortions, an increase in the percentage of chemical versus surgical abortions, and increased difficulty in accurately tracking the aggregate number of abortions in Massachusetts.”

“The primary responsibility for this expansion of the death cult falls upon the 39 senators and 137 representatives—half of them Catholic—who voted to enact H. 5090, and upon the Governor of the Commonwealth, Charlie Baker, who could have vetoed it, but did not, and instead—oblivious or indifferent to any moral complicity in the murder of the innocent—signed it into law.”

C.J. Doyle was quoted by the Boston Broadside and the Franklin Observer regarding this legislation.




Contact: C. J. Doyle
(617) 524-6309


During the overnight hours of July 27-28, the Papal emblem, flying on the flagpole in front of Saint Ambrose Parish in the Dorchester district of Boston, was cut down and stolen. The American flag, on the adjoining flagpole, was undisturbed.

The Boston Police Department is investigating the incident.

This is the first known incident of an attack on a Catholic church in Massachusetts since the leak of the majority opinion of the U. S. Supreme Court in the Dobbs decision.

Nationwide, there have been more than 30 violent incidents of arson, vandalism, theft and desecration targeting Catholic churches since the beginning of May.

During that same period, 60 pro-life crisis pregnancy centers have have suffered arson or vandalism across the country, including two in Worcester, on July 7th.

Catholic Action League Executive Director C. J. Doyle made the following comment: “Since 2019, there have been, at least, 32 attacks on Catholic churches, school buildings and religious iconography in the Commonwealth. Almost all of these have gone unsolved and unprosecuted.”

The Boston Police, Suffolk County District Attorney Kevin Hayden, and Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey must investigate this incident as a potential hate crime, identify the perpetrators and prosecute them for vandalism, theft and constitutional rights violations.”

“The Archdiocese of Boston must also develop and enforce a uniform policy for reporting, documenting and publicizing these incidents, which it has, repeatedly, neglected to do in recent years.”



FRIDAY, JULY 29, 2022

Contact: C. J. Doyle
(617) 524-6309


The Catholic Action League of Massachusetts today condemned the radical new legislation, expanding abortion in the Commonwealth, which was signed into law by Governor Charlie Baker this morning.

This draconian measure would impose upon all Massachusetts employers—including those with moral objections to killing pre-born children—an unprecedented state mandate to fund abortions in employee group health insurance coverage.

The religious exemption for such employers is narrowly drawn. It only applies to churches or “qualified church controlled organizations.”

That means that virtually every Catholic college and university in the state, most Catholic secondary schools, and at least half of all Catholic charities—institutions which are church affiliated but separately governed with lay boards—will now be forced, against their sincerely held religious beliefs, to fund abortion.

Pharmacists would be required, without a conscience clause, to dispense Plan B abortion pills, called emergency contraception, which would also be distributed, at taxpayer expense, at public colleges and universities in the Commonwealth.

In an unheard of provision, this law will also require the Massachusetts Secretary of Health and Human Services to consult with Planned Parenthood and Reproductive Equity Now—the former NARAL—in formulating and promulgating state regulations implementing the act.

The legislation had an emergency preamble, which meant it went into effect immediately after the Governor’s signature.

The Catholic Action League called the measure “authoritarian, punitive and coercive, where the power of the state will be used to compel pro-life citizens, even religious institutions, to act against their fundamental principles as a condition of operating a business or a non-profit organization in Massachusetts.”

Catholic Action League Executive Director C. J. Doyle made the following comment: “This law is a broad ranging assault on religious freedom and on the consciences of those who understand abortion to be the taking of innocent human life.”

“Obviously, the proponents of choice believe that employers and taxpayers should have no choice when it comes to subsidizing abortion. It would seem that angry abortion advocates actually want to punish supporters of the right to life in retribution for the overturning of Roe v. Wade.”

“This oppressive law invites a constitutional challenge on First Amendment grounds—the sooner the better.”

C.J. Doyle was quoted by The Boston Globe, the Boston Herald, the Lawrence Eagle Tribune, The Salem News, the Gloucester Times, and the New Boston Post regarding this legislation.


FRIDAY, JULY 22, 2022

Contact: C. J. Doyle
(617) 524-6309


The Catholic Action League of Massachusetts today condemned the attempt by the Worcester City Council to outlaw pro-life crisis pregnancy centers in the city.

Just twelve days after Clearway Clinic and Problem Pregnancy were damaged by criminal acts of vandalism, perpetrated by abortion fanatics, the Worcester City Council voted 6 to 5 to direct the City Manager and City Solicitor to draft an ordinance which would, effectively, shut down both facilities. Mayor Joseph M. Petty cast the tie breaking vote.

Problem Pregnancy has operated in Worcester, lawfully, since the early 1980’s.

The order of the Council requires the proposed ordinance to include language forcing the pro-life centers to “directly provide or provide referrals for abortion or emergency contraception,” a moral impossibility which would compel their closure.

The sponsor of the legislation is the city’s first “non-binary” Councilor, Thu Nguyen, who was endorsed by the Planned Parenthood Advocacy Fund of Massachusetts. Planned Parenthood also contributed to Nguyen’s 2021 election campaign.

In remarks prior to the vote, Nguyen accused pro-life centers of “telling lies about abortion, birth control, sexual health, talking about religion — when that’s not what you came for, and saying judgemental things about premarital sex, single parents, queer folks and BIPOC folks.”

The two Worcester pro-life clinics were attacked just eight days after U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren accused pro-lifers who work in crisis pregnancy centers of preying on women and wishing them harm.

The Catholic Action League called the proposed ordinance “special interest legislation for Planned Parenthood, which, through its surrogate, Thu Nguyen, is seeking to use the power of the government to silence and suppress its opposition.”

Catholic Action League Executive Director C.J. Doyle made the following comment: “This is an authoritarian measure, hostile to the First Amendment, conceived in lies, and which, if passed, will reward criminal violence.”

“Crisis pregnancy centers, unlike Planned Parenthood, receive no taxpayer funding, and little if any corporate or foundation support. They offer women compassionate alternatives to abortion. They provide free pregnancy testing, ultrasounds, counseling, job placement, housing, and needed baby supplies.”

“The abortion industry and their allies in poltics and the media call them ‘fake clinics’ or ‘limited pregnancy centers.’ It might be more accurate to identify them as non-lethal pregnancy centers, as they are the only pregnancy centers where no one dies.”

“Beyond assertions, the proponents of this act of viewpoint discrimination offer no hard evidence of misconduct or unlawful behavior by crisis pregnancy centers, nor do they insist upon any comparable scrutiny for the claims of Planned Parenthood and other abortion clinics.”

“In 2018, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that a California law requiring faith based pregnancy centers to provide abortion referrals was unconstitutional. Clearway Clinic and Problem Pregnancy should sue the City of Worcester.”

MONDAY, JULY 4, 2022


The Death of General Warren at the Battle of Bunker Hill
by John Trumbull — 1815

As we celebrate the 246th anniversary of the Independence of the United States of America, a malignant cult of Marxist revolutionaries, race hustlers and effete academics, alienated from their own ancestry, are waging a pernicious campaign—audacious in its mendacity—to discredit, not only the Founding Fathers, but the origins of the country itself.

This seditious sect is not content to claim that the Founding was irredeemably tainted by the sin of African slavery. It actually asserts—as Kermit Roosevelt III did in yesterday’s Boston Globe—that the American Revolution was not a national war of independence against the colonial rule of an imperial power, but a “slaveholders’ rebellion,” fought to perpetuate human servitude.

The manifest absurdity of this extravagant claim exposes it to the contempt of honest men. Geography also affords some perspective.

No one in Massachusetts would believe that the battles Lexington and Concord were fought over slavery. None of the Minutemen, nor the participants in the Boston Tea Party, nor the victims of the Boston Massacre—one of whom was black—were slave owners. Joseph Warren did not die on Bunker Hill from a British musket ball while fighting a slaveholders’ rebellion.

John Adams and Samuel Adams and James Bowdoin wrote a Constitution for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts which ended slavery, declaring that “all men are born free and equal.”

The most prominent Founders from the Middle Atlantic states, Benjamin Franklin and Benjamin Rush of Pennsylvania, and Alexander Hamilton, John Jay and Gouverneur Morris of New York, were active abolitionists.

The Father of our Country, George Washington, favored the abolition of slavery. As an estate owner in Virginia, he inherited enslaved persons from his father. In his will, Washington ordered that all of his slaves were to be emancipated upon the death of wife, stipulating that those who were too old or infirm to undergo manumission were to be provided for in perpetuity.

Of the Virginia Founders, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison and Patrick Henry were opponents of slavery.

The eight year struggle, from 1775 to 1783, waged by American farmers and sailors against the most powerful empire on Earth, was fought for the reasons we have long known: for national independence, self government, civil liberty and political freedom; to end the tyranny of taxation without representation; to expel foreign garrisons from American cities; and to secure freedom of trade and freedom of the seas.

The woke fanatics who seek to destroy this country know that what remains of our Old Republic stand in their way. Therefore they must re-write our history, defame our heroes and discard our heritage, inculcating shame for, rather than pride in, America.

If the Constitution was written by and for slave owners, then why not abolish the Electoral College, pack the Supreme Court and remake the Senate? If the nation is itself illegitimate, why not open our borders and let aliens vote on our election?

When we celebrate the independence of our country on the Fourth of July, we not only commemorate the sacrifice the patriots, we preserve the traditions and civic culture which sustains our nationhood. We defend the idea and vindicate the good name of America. Let it always be so.

Happy Independence Day!

God bless America!

God save the United States of America!


TUESDAY, JUNE 28, 2022

Contact: C. J. Doyle
(617) 524-6309


On June 28th, reporter Stephanie Ebbert of The Boston Globe contacted the Catholic Action League of Massachusetts seeking a comment from C. J. Doyle on House Bill 4930—An Act Expanding Protections For Reproductive Rights.

This draconian measure would impose upon Massachusetts employers an unprecedented state mandate to fund abortions in employee group health insurance coverage. Moreover, this coverage would not be subject to any “deductible, coinsurance, copayment or any other cost-sharing requirement.”

The bill would also immunize Massachusetts doctors from any legal or professional sanctions for participating in illegal abortions in other states; forbid Massachusetts law enforcement officers from cooperating with other jurisdictions in enforcing laws which prohibit abortion; require employers to cover “gender affirming” surgeries and treatments; and further lower the medical criteria for late term abortions in the Commonwealth.

Pharmacists would be required, without a conscience clause, to dispense abortion pills under the rubric of emergency contraception.

This proposed law would also require the Massachusetts Secretary of Health and Human Services to consult with Planned Parenthood in formulating and promulgating state regulations implementing the act.

The proposed legislation has an emergency preamble, which means it would go into effect immediately once it became law.

Catholic Action League Executive Director C. J. Doyle issued the following statement: “This authoritarian measure is a direct assault on the consciences and religious freedom rights of Massachusetts citizens who understand abortion to be the destruction of innocent human life.”

“The mandate for abortion coverage, in employer sponsored group health insurance plans, provides only a narrowly drawn exemption for a ‘church or qualified church-controlled organization.’”

“That would effectively exclude virtually every Catholic charitable, educational, medical, fraternal and advocacy institution and organization in the Commonwealth, almost all of which have separate governing boards, not under the direct control of a diocese or a religious order.”

“It would also mean that every business owner in the state would be required to subsidize abortion and so-called gender transitioning, regardless of his or her sincerely held moral convictions and religious beliefs.”

“This is a punitive measure. The Dobbs decision is being used by abortion fanatics as an excuse to coerce the consciences of Catholics and other pro-life religious believers.”

“Finally, the provision changing the law allowing late term abortions in cases of fatal fetal anomalies, to cases of ‘severe’ fetal anomalies, is one more attempt to maximise the parameters of legal abortion in the Commonwealth, even beyond the radical ROE Amendment.”

A number of Doyle’s comments were included in a story in The Boston Globe on June 28th.


JUNE 24, 2022

His Excellency, Charlie Baker
Governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts
Office of the Governor
Massachusetts State House
Boston, MA 02133

Dear Governor,

Since the leak of the Justice Samuel Alito opinion in the Dobbs case on May 2nd, there have been multiple attacks, nationwide, on Catholic churches, on Catholic worship, and on Catholic religious iconography.

These assaults have included the smashing of statues, the desecration of the Blessed Sacrament, the disruption of Catholic Masses and religious processions, and various incidents of vandalism and graffiti.

Chapter 265, Section 37 of the Massachusetts General Laws—Violations of Constitutional Rights, states No person, whether or not acting under color of law, shall by force or threat of force, willfully injure, intimidate or interfere with, or attempt to injure, intimidate or interfere with, or oppress or threaten any other person in the free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege secured to him by the constitution or laws of the commonwealth or by the constitution or laws of the United States.

Chapter 272, Section 38 of the Massachusetts General Laws—Disturbance of Assembly for Worship, states Whoever wilfully interrupts or disturbs an assembly of people met for worship of God shall be punished by imprisonment for not more than one year or by a fine of not more than one thousand dollars.

Since 1991, constitutional rights violations and disturbances of assemblies of worship have been classified as hate crimes under Massachusetts law.

The U. S. Department of Homeland Security has now warned of a credible threat of “extreme violence” against Catholic churches in the wake of the Supreme Court’s decision in the Dobbs case.

I respectfully urge you, therefore, to deploy all the necessary law enforcement resources of the Commonwealth, including the Massachusetts State Police, to protect Catholic churches, and to ensure the safety of Catholic worshippers in the peaceful exercise of their constitutional rights.

Thank you.


C. J. Doyle
Executive Director
Catholic Action League of Massachusetts
PO Box 112
Boston, MA 02131
(617) 524-6309


FRIDAY, JUNE 24, 2022

Contact: C. J. Doyle
(617) 524-6309


The Catholic Action League of Massachusetts today hailed the 6 to 3 United States Supreme Court decision in Dobbs v. Jackson, which finally ended the constitutional fiction known as Roe v. Wade.

As was expected from the leaked draft of the majority opinion, Associate Justice Samuel Alito wrote that there was, prior to Roe, no mention of abortion in the text or the history of the U. S. Constitution; there was no basis for believing that it was an unenumerated right; and the framers of the Fourteenth Amendment did not intend to create a right to abortion.

Alito went on to point out that abortion had always been prohibited in America by either common or positive law, or both, and there was no state statutory provision for permissive abortion prior to the late 1960’s.

The Catholic Action League called the Dobbs decision “a victory for America’s constitutional order against seven usurping judges who believed—49 years ago—that they could legislate from the bench to impose a moral revolution upon the rest of the country.”

Catholic Action League Executive Director C. J. Doyle made the following comment: “President John F. Kennedy’s appointee to the Supreme Court, Justice Byron White, famously wrote in his dissent to Roe v. Wade:

‘I find nothing in the language or history of the Constitution to support the Court’s judgment. The Court simply fashions and announces a new constitutional right…and with scarcely any reason or authority for its action, invests that right with sufficient substance to override most existing state abortion statutes. The upshot is that the people and the legislatures of the 50 States are constitutionally disentitled…’ White went on to call it ‘an exercise of raw judicial power…’”

“After nearly a half century, Byron White’s prophetic dissent was vindicated today.”

“The seven justices who inflicted Roe on America were Harry Blackmun, Warren Burger, William Brennan, William Douglas, Thurgood Marshall, Lewis Powell and Potter Stewart. These men violated their oath, abused their office, made a mockery of the separation of powers, nullified the laws of fifty states, abandoned America’s natural law tradition of inalienable rights, and arrogated to themselves the authority of the people and their elected representatives to govern.”

“The horrific consequence of the unwarranted pretensions of these presumptuous jurists was the most abominable crime in American history—the state sanctioned killing of nearly 64 million innocent children. The names of those seven Justices should live in infamy.”

“The law is a teacher. After 49 years of legalized abortion, American public opinion has changed on this issue since the 1970’s. Because of that change, sixteen states, at the very least—including the two largest—will keep abortion legal.”

“Hopefully, after today, many innocent lives will be saved, but, so long as the legal personhood of the unborn child is denied, hundreds of thousands will continue to be killed each year, under the color of law, in the United States of America.”


TUESDAY, JUNE 21, 2022

Contact: C. J. Doyle
(617) 524-6309


The Catholic Action League of Massachusetts today hailed this morning’s decision by the United States Supreme Court in Carson v. Makin, which struck down—on First Amendment grounds—a Maine law which had excluded religious schools from a state funded program of tuition assistance for parents.

The State of Maine offers tuition assistance to parents of students who live in school districts that have no public secondary school. Under that program, parents designate the public or private secondary school they would like their child to attend, and the school district transmits payments to that school to help defray the costs of tuition.

Since 1981, however, Maine has limited tuition assistance payments to nonsectarian schools.

Parents, who wished to send their children to Christian schools, sued the commissioner of the Maine Department of Education, alleging that the nonsectarian requirement violated the Free Exercise Clause and the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment, as well as the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment.

The Federal District Court rejected the parents’ claims. The U. S. Court of Appeals for the First Circuit upheld the lower court decision.

Today, in a 6 to 3 decision, written by Chief Justice John Roberts, the Supreme Court has ruled that the exclusion of religious schools violates the Free Exercise Clause of the First Amendment.

The Court held that a neutral benefit program in which public funds flow to religious organizations through the independent choices of private benefit recipients does not offend the Establishment Clause.

The Court found that the Maine law promotes a stricter separation of church and state than the Federal Constitution requires, and that the anti-establishment interest does not justify excluding some members of the community from an otherwise generally available public benefit because of their religious exercise.

“Regardless of how the benefit and restriction are described,” Roberts wrote in the majority opinion, “the program operates to identify and exclude otherwise eligible schools on the basis of their religious exercise.”

The Catholic Action League hailed the decision as a “victory for parental rights, religious liberty, and freedom of choice in education.”

Catholic Action League Executive Director C. J. Doyle made the following comment: “Today’s ruling, following the court’s 2019 decision in Espinoza v. Montana, makes it clear that the so-called Blaine Amendments, rooted in 19th century nativism and anti-Catholic bigotry, which prohibited all state aid to religious schools, are now constitutionally untenable.”

“Among the future likely casualties of these rulings is the most notorious of all anti-aid amendments, the so-called Know-Nothing Amendment to the Massachusetts Constitution, enacted in a frenzy of anti-Catholicism by the American Party, called the Know Nothings, when they controlled the Great and General Court of the Commonwealth in 1855.”

“Today’s ruling in Carson v. Makin is also a vindication of the former Senate President of Massachusetts, William M. Bulger, whose longstanding and unrelenting opposition to what he called ‘a stain on the Massachusetts Constitution,’ aroused visceral hostility from progressive elites in the Bay State.”

“With today’s ruling, Bulger’s position, which preceded that of the Supreme Court by half a century, now seems prophetic.”



Contact: C. J. Doyle
(617) 524-6309


The Catholic Action League of Massachusetts today commended the Bishop of Worcester, the Most Reverend Robert J. McManus, for his defense of Catholic morality.

In a decree issued on June 10th, and made public this morning, McManus has determined that the Jesuit affiliated Nativity School in Worcester has forfeited its Catholic identity by continuing to fly, in defiance of the bishop’s authority, homosexual Pride flags and Black Lives Matter banners on its flagpole in front of the school building.

The bishop said these symbols embody specific agendas or ideologies that contradict Catholic social and moral teaching, and went on to state, The flying of these flags in front of a Catholic school sends a mixed, confusing and scandalous message to the public about the Church’s stance on these important moral and social issues.

The Catechism of the Catholic Church—promulgated by Pope Saint John Paul II—teaches: Basing itself on Sacred Scripture, which presents homosexual acts as acts of grave depravity, tradition has always declared that homosexual acts are intrinsically disordered. They are contrary to the natural law....Under no circumstances can they be approved. (CCC 2357)

The recent Instruction by the Congregation for Catholic Education on The Identity of the Catholic School For a Culture of Dialogue, issued by the Holy See on January 25th, reaffirms that a diocesan bishop exercises the right of vigilance over Catholic schools in his diocese.

The document states that a bishop must intervene whenever he deems it appropriate, and must do so whenever [there are] serious transgressions of the Catholic identity of a school located in his diocese, even in schools founded or directed by religious orders.

As in April, the story of the bishop’s decision was broken in an opinion piece—once again condemning McManus—by Boston Globe columnist Yvonne Abraham, who, apparently, received her information from the leadership of Nativity School.

The Catholic Action League called the decision by Bishop McManus “an act of courage, integrity and fidelity, in defense of Christian morality against an attempt by culturally conforming Catholics to impose secular ideology on a nominally Catholic institution.”

Catholic Action League Executive Director C. J. Doyle made the following comment: “Intellectual honesty demands recognition of the fact that the values represented by homosexual Pride flags are irreconcilable with Catholicism—irreconcilable with the words of Sacred Scripture, with the Church’s perennial understanding of natural law, and with 2,000 years of Catholic moral teachings.”

“The positions publicly espoused by the Black Lives Matter organization are equally hostile to both the right to life and to the traditional character of marriage.”

“The bad faith of Nativity School is now manifest for all to see. The school’s response to a lawful and reasonable instruction by their bishop was to seek out an ex-Catholic at a newspaper with a forty year history of Catholic bashing to have McManus demeaned, insulted and castigated in print.”

“Evidently, the leaders of Nativity School not only reject the moral teachings of the Sixth Commandment, but dissent from the prohibition against bearing false witness contained in the Eighth Commandment. Their willingness to weaponize The Boston Globe against their own Ordinary tells us all we need to know about the Catholic loyalties of Nativity School.”




Contact: C. J. Doyle
(617) 524-6309


On Saturday, June 18th, the so-called Catholic LGBTQ+ Collaborative will hold a “Pride” celebration, consisting of a Mass and a picnic, at Saint Susanna Church in Dedham.

Saint Susanna is a Catholic parish of the Archdiocese of Boston. The Pastor, the Reverend Stephen Josoma, has a long history of left wing lunacy, and homophile advocacy, perpetually tolerated by Boston’s Archbishop, Cardinal Sean O’Malley.

Other Catholic churches sponsoring this event include Saint Cecilia Parish in the Back Bay, Saint Joseph Parish in the West End, Jesuit administered Saint Ignatius Parish in Chestnut Hill, Blessed Trinity Parishes in Westford, and the Paulist Center and Saint Anthony Shrine in downtown Boston.

The purpose of this celebration is to assert pride in the mortal sin of sodomy, one of the four sins which “crieth to heaven for vengeance.” It will include a blasphemous misappropriation of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, where, presumably, multiple sacrilegious communions will be committed by those not in a state of sanctifying grace.

Scandalous outrages, like the one which will occur in Dedham on Saturday, are neither recent innovations, surreptitiously planned, nor institutional outliers, perpetrated by rogue actors.

They have been continuing for, at least, a dozen years, in nearly a dozen places, in the Archdiocese of Boston, with the full knowledge and consent of Cardinal O’Malley.

The Catechism of the Catholic Church states: “Basing itself on Sacred Scripture, which presents homosexual acts as acts of grave depravity, tradition has always declared that homosexual acts are intrinsically disordered. They are contrary to the natural law....Under no circumstances can they be approved.” (CCC 2357)

Please contact Cardinal O’Malley and urge him to put an end to this scandal, by instructing Father Josoma to cancel the “Pride” Mass and celebration at Saint Susanna on June 18th.

This event will mislead the faithful about the moral teachings of the Church, and will imperil the immortal souls of those who participate in it, by affirming them, unconscionably and uncharitably, in mortal sin.

You may reach the Cardinal by email at You should also call the Pastoral Center at 617-254-0100. One of the Cardinal’s aides may see your email if you send it using the contact box at the RCAB website.

Since pro-life and pro-family Catholics are not a constituency of the Archdiocese of Boston, and every effort will be made to ignore or marginalize your concerns, please also let your local pastor know how offended you are by the ongoing enabling of homosexuality by Catholic institutions in Boston under the leadership of Cardinal O’Malley.

Thank you.


SUNDAY, JUNE 12, 2022
Contact: C. J. Doyle
(617) 524-6309


Since the thirteenth century, the Universal Church has celebrated May as the month of Our Blessed Lady. Since the nineteen seventies, the Catholic colleges and universities of Massachusetts have regarded May as the month to honor political figures who reject and oppose Christian morality.

This year, 2022, was no different. The Catholic institutions of higher education in the Commonwealth conferred honorary degrees upon, and hosted as commencement speakers, proponents of abortion, abortion tainted vaccines, contraception and the social acceptance of sodomy.

Boston College — The commencement speaker at the Jesuit administered university this year was Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis.

In January of 2021, Mitsotakis made history when he appointed the first open homosexual to a ministerial position in the government of the Hellenic Republic.

Under the leadership of Mitsotakis, Greece joined other members of the European Union in condemning Hungary for its anti-grooming law, intended to protect children from same sex predation and propaganda.

In his address, Mitsotakis warned of the alleged threat to democracy posed by populism and nationalism.

L-R standing: BC Board of Trustees chairman John Fish, Rev. Nicholas A. Sannella, Arivee Vargas Rozier-Byrd, Most Reverend Mark O’Connell, auxiliary bishop of Boston. Seated: Pfizer VP Yolanda Courtney Lyle, University President William P. Leahy, S.J., Prime Minister of Greece Kyriakos Mitsotakis, Patrick Stokes. (Lee Pellegrini)

Doubling down on its vaccine obsession, the university also conferred a Doctor of Laws degree upon Yolanda Courtney Lyle, the Executive Vice-President and Chief of Staff to the Chairman of the pharmaceutical giant Pfizer, Inc.

Along with Moderna, Astra-Zeneca and Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of the Covid-19 vaccine, distributing over 200 million doses annually to 165 countries.

Altough the Pfizer vaccine does not contain fetal tissue, Pfizer used the fetal cell line HEK-293 in the testing and confirmation phase of its development. This is the proximate reason why most pro-life Catholics refuse to receive the vaccine.

Pfizer is also one of the largest global producers of abortifacient contraceptives. In 2016, it developed an all-in-one injectable contraceptive—Sayana Press—and has boasted that it has shipped more than 6.4 million units of it to twenty Third World countries.

Regis College — The 2022 commencement speaker for Regis College—administered by the Sisters of Saint Joseph of Boston—was health care executive Donato J. Tramuto.

A member of the board of directors of the left wing advocacy group, Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights, Tramuto also serves as the Chairman of that organization’s Leadership Council.

Just three days before Tramuto received his honorary degree from Regis, his organization called upon Congress to codify, into federal law, Roe v. Wade.

The Regis commencement also featured a video message from the abortion and vaccine proponent, Doctor Rochelle Walensky, the Biden appointed Director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

In response to the leak of the draft majority opinion in the Dobbs case, Walensky warned, just days before the commencement, that “lives could be at stake,” if Roe were overturned.

Assumption University — Assumption University, founded and sponsored by the Augustinians of the Assumption—conferred an honorary degree on Worcester Red Sox owner Larry Lucchino, who also delivered the 2022 commencement address.

In 2006, Lucchino’s wife, Stacy Lucchino, was one of signatories of a full page ad in The Boston Globe, which called upon Massachusetts legislators to reject the Protection of Marriage Amendment. That was the measure which would have overturned the Goodridge decision, the Supreme Judicial Court ruling which invented a right to so-called same sex marriage in the Bay State.

Catholic Action League Executive Director C. J. Doyle made the following comment: “On paper, the American Catholic Church has a vast infrastructure of educational institutions. In reality, they are almost all controlled by assimilated, culturally conforming, bourgeois liberals.”

“Faithful Catholics have been dispossessed. Not since Henry VIII have so many Catholic institutions been stolen right out from under us. The parent religious orders are corrupt. The bishops are complicit, and the clergy are silent.”

“Perhaps the time has come for the pro-life movement to hold Catholic prelates accountable for this spiritual malfeasance.”



SUNDAY, JUNE 5, 2022

Contact: C. J. Doyle
(617) 524-6309


On April 2nd, The Boston Globe published a horizontal, front page, top of the fold, column by apostate Catholic Yvonne Abraham, reviling Worcester Bishop Robert McManus. It was the headline in the Sunday paper, which has the highest circulation of the week.

Abraham was enraged that the bishop had expressed his concern over the Catholic identity of Jesuit affiliated Nativity School in Worcester, which was flying homosexual pride flags and Black Lives Matter banners on a flagpole in front of the academy.

After claiming that McManus was out of step with the Pope, Cardinal O’Malley and the U. S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, Abraham dredged up Boston’s own version of the Reverend Ian Paisley—Attorney Mitchell Garabedian—who accused McManus of being “the epitome of heartlessness and cruelty.”

Abraham’s column was a classic Boston Globe hit piece on a Catholic prelate—reminiscent of the glory days of the Spotlight Team and Cardinal Law. It was intended, clearly, to ignite an anti-Catholic firestorm in elite opinion and set off a feeding frenzy in the Massachusetts media.

It did. There were hostile stories about McManus on 7 News Boston and CBS 4 Boston and in MassLive and the Telegram & Gazette. On the program Greater Boston on tax funded WGBH TV—which Catholic author David Pierre has aptly described as “Boston Public Bigotry”—there was a hate fest on McManus celebrated by host and anti-Catholic blowhard Jim Braude and, once again, the Catholic obsessed Garabedian.

The Telegram then followed up with an invidious cartoon by Dan Landgren and a censorious column by the pro-abortion, former Mayor of Worcester, Raymond Mariano. Even the NAACP chimed in against the bishop.

A petition, signed by hundreds of students and some two dozen faculty and administrators at the Jesuit College of the Holy Cross, denounced the bishop as “ignorant and bigoted” and demanded that he be disinvited from the 2022 commencement.

Lost in all of this media malice was the curious fact that Bishop McManus issued his public statement on the controversy on Sunday, April 3rd, while Abraham’s rancorous column first appeared in the online edition of the Globe on Saturday, April 2nd, the day before. Abraham admitted, moreover, that the bishop sent a letter to the school about the flags “a couple of weeks ago.”

It is unlikely that the leak of the bishop’s communication with the school came from inside the Worcester chancery. The logical probability in explaining this chronological discrepancy is that someone in a position of leadership at the school contacted the Globe, or perhaps Abraham herself (who retains ties to dissident Catholics), in order to instigate an attack on the bishop.

The motive, obviously, was to malign, vilify and discredit Bishop Robert McManus, and to prevent him from exercising his lawful authority in this matter.

Nativity School had no intention of dialoguing, quietly and in good faith, with the bishop. The school was going to defy the bishop, embarrass him in the process, and make an example of him that no Catholic prelate would ever forget.

Catholic Action League Executive Director C. J. Doyle made the following comment: “The Epistle of Saint James reminds us that ‘Whosoever therefore will be a friend of this world, becometh an enemy of God.’”

“Faithful Catholics must resist the temptation to view culturally conforming Catholic ‘progressives’ as misguided brothers and sisters. They are not. They are material atheists, functional apostates and impenitent heretics who are willing to use their friends among the powerful of this world—in this case, the media—to persecute the orthodox.”

“Bishop Robert McManus has been defamed and demonized. The deliberate violation of the Eighth Commandment—‘Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour’—is a mortal sin. In this episode, mortal sin was likely initiated, and most certainly countenanced and promoted by two Jesuit institutions, Nativity School and the College of the Holy Cross.”

“To what purpose? To retain emblems which affirm the sin of impurity against nature, one of four sins which ‘crieth to heaven for vengeance.’”

“Catholic progressivism is an evil and corrupting phenomenon in the life of the Church and no Christian should harbor any illusions about that.”


FRIDAY, MAY 20, 2022

Contact: C. J. Doyle
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The Catholic Action League of Massachusetts today hailed the defense of the Holy Eucharist by the Archbishop of San Francisco, the Most Reverend Salvatore Cordileone. Earlier today, Cordileone announced that U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) will no longer be eligible to receive Holy Communion because of her militant advocacy and longstanding voting record in support of legal, unrestricted and publicly funded abortion.

Pelosi has even invoked, on multiple occasions, her Catholic Faith to justify the killing of the unborn.

In a May 20th letter to the Catholic community, Cordileone explained “After numerous attempts to speak with her to help her understand the grave evil she is perpetrating, the scandal she is causing, and the danger to her own soul she is risking, I have determined that the point has come in which I must make a public declaration that she is not to be admitted to Holy Communion unless and until she publicly repudiate her support for abortion ‘rights’ and confess and receive absolution for her cooperation in this evil in the sacrament of Penance...”

The Catholic Action League commended the Archbishop, calling his decision “a courageous and conscientious act in defense of Catholic morality, the integrity of the Blessed Sacrament and the right to life of the innocent unborn.” The League also characterized it as a “charitable exercise in pastoral solicitude towards Speaker Pelosi, intended to prevent the sacrilegious reception of Holy Communion.”

Catholic Action League Executive Director C.J. Doyle made the following comment: “While Archbishop Cordileone deserves the respect and admiration of all faithful Catholics, it remains to be seen if his fortitude will be emulated by the Catholic hierarchy in Massachusetts.”

“There are eleven members of the Bay State congressional delegation—two U.S. Senators and nine members of the U.S. House of Representatives. A majority of these, one senator and five representatives, are Catholic.”

“A forty year advocate of abortion, Senator Ed Markey has been endorsed by both Planned Parenthood and NARAL Pro-Choice America.”

“The five Catholics in the House delegation—Bill Keating, Stephen Lynch, Jim McGovern, Richard Neal and Lori Trahan—are all listed as ‘Endorsed Sexual and Reproductive Health Champions’ by the Planned Parenthood Action Fund.”

“Four of the Commonwealth’s six Constitutional Officers—Lt. Governor Karyn Polito, Secretary of State William Galvin, Attorney General Maura Healey and State Auditor Suzanne Bump—identify as Catholic, and support abortion, as does Massachusetts House Speaker Ron Mariano.”

“Cardinal Sean O’Malley presided at the funerals of two pro-abortion politicians, Boston Mayor Thomas Menino and U. S. Senator Edward Kennedy, where he praised them. O’Malley claimed pro-life critics of the Kennedy funeral did ‘irreparable harm to the communion of the faithful.’”

“He also conferred an award on another abortion proponent, U.S Labor Secretary Marty Walsh. O’Malley has a long history of providing platforms and participating in honors to pro-abortion public figures.”

“While pro-life Catholics in the Commonwealth may be encouraged by the Catholic witness of Archbishop Cordileone, it is unlikely that they will see his courage imitated by prelates in this historically Catholic state.”


TUESDAY, MAY 10, 2022

Contact: C. J. Doyle
(617) 524-6309


On Wednesday, May 4th, reporter Joe Bukuras of the Catholic News Agency contacted the Catholic Action League to request a comment from C.J. Doyle on an event which was previously unpublicized—except for a story in a student newspaper—and which had occurred six weeks before, at the Jesuit administered College of the Holy Cross.

On March 22nd, Holy Cross held a panel discussion entitled “Abortion Bans and Women’s Health: Legal, Ethical, and Medical Perspectives.”

The moderator of the discussion was Professor Vickie Langohr, Director of the Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies program at the college.

The other participants were, like Langohr, all unapologetic advocates of legal, unrestricted and publicly funded abortion. One, Michelle Oberman, is a law professor at Santa Clara University.

Another, Emily Reiner-Barry, is a theology professor at the University of San Diego. She gave a “Feminist Catholic Analysis,” where she cited the Gospel of Saint Mark to justify the killing of the unborn.

Doctor Anna Lowell was the fourth panelist. Lowell is an abortionist, who has brutally and violently ended the lives of hundreds of unborn children. Describing her gruesome, blood stained profession, she told the Tampa Bay Times in 2019, “You feel like you’re a hero...”

Approximately fifty students and faculty attended the propaganda event.

Catholic Action League Executive Director C. J. Doyle issued the following statement:

“The March 22nd event at Holy Cross was a scandal, a sacrilege and an obscenity. It presented to students, for their instruction at an ostensibly Catholic college, a panel of moral monsters with the ethical standards of convicted war criminals. This panel included an unrepentant abortionist—a serial murderer with the blood of innocent children on her hands.”

“An institution founded by and for Catholics gave a platform and a respectful hearing to anti-Catholic fanatics committed to the destruction of Christian morality. A college dedicated to the Author of Life proselytized for the Culture of Death. A school whose purpose is to make known the Truth hosted mendacious acolytes of the Father of Lies.”

“This event represents institutional complicity in defending and sanitizing the mass murder of the unborn. Anyone who continues to contribute to Holy Cross should examine their conscience and ask themselves if they will have to answer for this crime on their Day of Judgement.”

“It is wholly inadequate to say that Holy Cross has, by this Judas-like betrayal, forfeited its Catholic identity. This event was demonic. The college needs more than a rebuke from the Bishop of Worcester. Holy Cross needs an exorcism.”

“Recently, the name of the student newspaper at Holy Cross was changed from The Crusader to The Spire, for fear that the traditional name offended the sensibilities of a non-Catholic religious sect. Apparently, the sensibilities of faithful Catholics are, for the administration and faculty of this allegedly Catholic college, completely irrelevant.”


SUNDAY, MAY 8, 2022

Contact: C. J. Doyle
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The unlawful publication of the Justice Samuel Alito draft of the likely majority opinion in the Supreme Court case Dobbs v. Jackson—which would remove abortion law from the power of the federal judiciary and return it to the authority of elected state legislatures—has, predictably, incited advocates of child murder into a frenzy of hatred and rage.

Some are calling for such stormtrooper tactics as the occupation of Catholic churches and the sacrilegious disruption of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

Yesterday, violent, anti-Catholic fanatics blockaded Old Saint Patrick’s Cathedral—a Minor Basilica—in New York City.

Brownshirt attacks on Catholic worship are prohibited by state and federal law.

The Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances (FACE) Act, passed by Congress and signed into law by President Clinton in 1994, creates federal jurisdiction and penalties for a person who By force or threat of force or by physical obstruction, intentionally injures, intimidates or interferes with or attempts to injure, intimidate or interfere with any person lawfully exercising or seeking to exercise the First Amendment right of religious freedom at a place of religious worship.

Likewise, Chapter 265, Section 37 of the Massachusetts General Laws—Violations of Constitutional Rights, states No person, whether or not acting under color of law, shall by force or threat of force, willfully injure, intimidate or interfere with, or attempt to injure, intimidate or interfere with, or oppress or threaten any other person in the free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege secured to him by the constitution or laws of the commonwealth or by the constitution or laws of the United States.

There is also, Chapter 272, Section 38 of the Massachusetts General Laws—Disturbance of Assembly for Worship, which states Whoever wilfully interrupts or disturbs an assembly of people met for worship of God shall be punished by imprisonment for not more than one year or by a fine of not more than one thousand dollars.

Since 1991, constitutional rights violations and disturbances of assemblies of worship have been classified as hate crimes under Massachusetts law.

If you are a victim or a witness to such an incident, please contact your local police immediately and then file a civil rights complaint, online here, with the Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office or call their hotline at 1-800-994-3228.

You should also contact the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Massachusetts about a FACE Act violation by calling 617-748-3100, or by filing a report online here.

As the Archdiocese of Boston has a long history of inexplicable reluctance when it comes to involving law enforcement after Catholic churches have been vandalized, do not wait for your local priest or pastor to take action. Do not hesitate to report these crimes yourself!

We must defend ourselves from these thugs, who are filled with odium fidei, and who would deprive us of our God given, inalienable, and constitutionally protected rights!

Thank you.


FRIDAY, APRIL 29, 2022

(617) 524-6309


The recent call by the Bishop of Worcester, asking a Catholic school in his diocese to forgo symbols inconsistent with their Catholic identity, has now resulted in an intervention by a municipal agency.

On April 3rd, Bishop Robert J. McManus issued a public statement questioning the display of homosexual pride flags and Black Lives Matter banners at Worcester’s Nativity School, a middle school affiliated with the USA East Province of the Society of Jesus.

The Bishop asked, “Is the school committing itself to ideologies which are contrary to Catholic teaching? If so, is it still a Catholic school? As the Bishop of this diocese, I must teach that it is imperative that a Catholic School use imagery and symbols which are reflective of that school’s values and principles so as to be clear with young people who are being spiritually and morally formed for the future.”

The Bishop’s due diligence in trying to preserve the Catholic character of a Catholic school was met with a firestorm in the media, defiance from the school, criticism from the state Attorney General, unsolicited advice from the NAACP, and a petition at the Jesuit administered College of the Holy Cross denouncing him as “ignorant and bigoted.”

Now, a dispute between a Catholic bishop and a Catholic school has become an object of concern by a government entity. The Worcester Human Rights Commission, an executive agency of the City of Worcester, whose members are appointed by the City Manager, has decided to involve itself in this matter.

In an online meeting earlier this month, the Commission voted to ask the city to raise the homosexual pride flag at Worcester City Hall to support the school’s resistance to the bishop. Commission member Ellen Shemitz said “Even given what’s happening with some of the news from the Catholic Church, and how that impacts some of the schools in this region, it seems like it could be timely.”

The Catholic Action League called the Commission’s interference “an unheard of, unprecedented, and unconstitutional intrusion by a government bureaucracy into an issue of church doctrine.”

Catholic Action League League Executive Director C. J. Doyle made the following comment: “For generations, the political Left has never missed an opportunity to lecture Catholics about the separation of church and state. Now, a city agency takes sides in a church dispute, and the same civil liberties crowd which sees school bus transportation for Catholic school students as a threat to the Constitution, is silent.”

“The Attorney General of the Commonwealth, Maura Healey, has inserted herself into this controversy, saying ‘Nativity and other schools should be allowed to fly those flags,’ adding ‘...I speak as a Catholic...’ Healey, of course, is a partnered lesbian who once confessed she owed her electoral success to Planned Parenthood.”

“What is happening here is a crude, unconcealed, and heavy handed campaign of intimidation. If the media, the government, and powerful interest groups can combine to expose a Catholic bishop to universal reprobation, for exercising his lawful authority in his own diocese, then freedom of religion becomes, at some point, academic.”

“The anti-Catholic Left has power and is willing to use it, and has totalitarian instincts, and is willing to act upon them. Catholics must relearn what our immigrant ancestors understood, but what modern generations of Catholics have forgotten—that anti-Catholic bigotry is a reality in American society, and Catholics must be courageous in resisting it.”

On April 27th, C.J. Doyle appeared on Greg Kelly Reports on NEWSMAX TV, defending Bishop Robert McManus.



(617) 524-6309


Angered by the April 3rd statement by Worcester Bishop Robert McManus—which questioned whether homosexual pride flags and Black Lives Matter banners were consistent with the Catholic identity of the Jesuit administered Nativity School—hundreds of students, alumni, employees, administrators and faculty members at the College of the Holy Cross have signed a petition demanding that the bishop be disinvited to the college’s commencement exercises in May.

The petition claims “...the Bishop’s statements demonstrate ignorant and bigoted sentiments which fail to align with the long-held values that guide our community.”

Among the signatories to this defamatory indictment are the College’s Director of Admissions, the Director of Government Relations, the Director of Distinguished Fellowships and Graduate Studies, and the Chairman of the Political Science Department.

Perhaps the most controversial signatory is the notorious heretic, Tat-siong Benny Liew, a Professor of New Testament Studies at Holy Cross. In 2018, he was rebuked by the Bishop for his vile, depraved and blasphemous assertions that Our Blessed Lord and Savior—the Second Person of the Holy Trinity—experienced impure and unnatural desires. Liew was never disciplined for this sacrilege.

On April 11th, reporter Joe Bukuras of the Catholic News Agency contacted the Catholic Action League to request a comment on the petition. League Executive Director C.J. Doyle issued the following statement:

“More than three dozen professors and administrators at the Jesuit College of the Holy Cross, along with hundreds of students, are now proclaiming that Catholic opposition to flags which affirm the mortal sin of same sex relations, ‘is ignorant and bigoted,’ and that anyone who holds such traditional Catholic beliefs—including the Bishop of Worcester—must be excluded, in the name of inclusion, from participating in the public life of the college.”

“This petition opens a whole new dimension in the concept of chutzpah. Persons holding leadership positions in a Catholic institution — while openly opposing Catholic beliefs —actually believe themselves entitled to publicly rebuke the local bishop for affirming what Catholics have always believed. The audacity is astonishing.”

“It is obvious that the signatories of this petition reject the inspired words of Sacred Scripture, the explicit provisions of the Catechism of the Catholic Church, and 2,000 years of Catholic moral teachings, all of which condemn same sex relations as contrary to Divine and natural law.”

“This petition makes clear that large numbers of those who work, teach or study at Holy Cross are post-Christian, bourgeois cultural conformists, subservient to elite secular opinion, who believe that traditional Catholicism must be marginalized in a nominally Catholic institution. In other words, they are obstinate heretics.”

Portions of the League’s statement were included in an April 11th Catholic News Agency story on the petition, which was also published by Catholic World Report.

Doyle was also interviewed by the Church Militant Evening News on April 12th. The League’s previous April 7th Press Statement on the controversy was published in the online edition of the Boston Broadside. Quotes from that statement were also included in an April 11th story in the National Catholic Reporter.


APRIL 10, 2022 — Published April 15

The People’s Forum
Telegram & Gazette
100 Front Street, Floor 5
Worcester, MA 01608-1440

To the Editor:

When a Catholic bishop, quite reasonably, tries to uphold Catholic beliefs in a Catholic school, the Telegram & Gazette punishes him with an invidious, cheap shot, editorial cartoon, (Don Landgren cartoon, 4/8/2022).

The media used to tell Catholics that we should not impose our values on the rest of society. Apparently, now, we are not even allowed to maintain them in our own institutions.

Members of the Massachusetts media seem to have no compunction about inserting themselves, into an internal church matter, to demand conformity to their values.

Is there any other religion which is treated this way?

The Landgren cartoon perfectly illustrates the mixture of arrogance, bigotry and hypocrisy which characterizes media attitudes towards Catholicism. It should remind faithful Catholics of the treatment which they should expect when they refuse to submit to secular ideology.


C. J. Doyle Executive Director
Catholic Action League of Massachusetts
PO Box 112
Boston, MA 02131
(617) 524-6309


SUNDAY, MARCH 20, 2022

(617) 524-6309


The Catholic Action League of Massachusetts today called upon the organizers of South Boston’s Evacuation Day/Saint Patrick’s Day Parade—the Allied War Veterans Council—to remove the name of Ireland’s patron saint from the event.

The League is requesting that the Veterans dedicate the parade, exclusively, to the civil, Evacuation Day Holiday, which celebrates the flight of the British Army from Boston on March 17, 1776.

In 2015, homosexual groups, which reject and oppose Catholic values, were admitted, under their own banners, into a parade named in honor a Catholic saint.

The League characterized the parade as “an Irish themed secular carnival, devoid of Catholic content, and thoroughly disconnected from Saint Patrick and the Faith which he brought to Ireland.”

Catholic Action League Executive Director C. J. Doyle commented: “Saint Patrick was a Catholic archbishop and is a Catholic saint. The celebration of Saint Patrick’s Day was instituted to commemorate the apostle who evangelized and Christianized Ireland.”

“It is unclear how you honor Saint Patrick by providing a platform to groups which not only repudiate the moral beliefs of Saint Patrick’s religion, but castigate those beliefs as bigotry, prejudice, hatred and homophobia.”

“Saint Patrick delivered Ireland from pagan, pre-Christian practices. The post-Christian South Boston parade now celebrates those practices. As presently constituted, the parade sacrilegiously exploits and culturally misappropriates the venerable name of our patron saint.”

“The parade is an insult to Saint Patrick and an affront to faithful Catholics. It demeans, coarsens and trivializes the feast of a Catholic saint. Organizers should have the simple decency to remove Saint Patrick’s name from the tawdry anti-Catholic spectacle on Broadway in South Boston.”



(617) 524-6309

Perhaps nowhere else in Christendom can an entire nation and its vast diaspora of descendants trace their Catholic Faith and culture — and their prospects for eternal salvation — to a single saint. Our debt of gratitude to Saint Patrick is beyond measure.

Saint Patrick (+461) is the Apostle of Ireland and was the first bishop and archbishop of Armagh. He is also the principal patron saint of the Archdiocese of Boston. Sent by Pope Saint Celestine I, Patrick, in a single lifetime, transformed the people of Ireland from bondsmen of death dealing Druids to disciples of the Author of Life.

As a consequence, a small island upon whose soil no Roman Legionary ever trod, would help form the character of Christendom by its leadership in the two great civilizational movements of the early Middle Ages—the preservation of the learning of Classical Antiquity, and the evangelization of Europe, known to history as the Conversion of the Barbarians.

The feast of Saint Patrick is not "a municipal festival," as Judge Hiller B. Zobel erroneously asserted during the Saint Patrick's Day parade case twenty-eight years ago. Nor is it merely a communal celebration of ethnic pride, as one low wattage, nominally Catholic, ex-state senator tried to tell us.

We commemorate the feast of our patron saint because he brought the Catholic Faith to Ireland, delivering that nation, and us, from the darkness of paganism, and showing us the fountains "that rise in the heart of Our Savior above."

Only two Catholic organizations in Massachusetts in the last quarter of a century, the Immaculate Heart of Mary School and the Catholic Action League of Massachusetts, have publicly defended the venerable name of our patron saint from sacrilegious exploitation and coarse trivialization by the enemies of Catholicity. The silence of our bishops, priests, deacons, and religious is a terrible betrayal, which speaks to cowardice, the loss of Faith, the desire for human respect, and the malign influence of effeminacy in the ranks of the Church.

As the contemporary forces of paganism continue their assault against the Christian character of March 17th, and attempt to deform and de-Christianize our feast day, let us never forget that Saint Patrick’s Day is a Catholic holy day in honor of a Catholic Saint. Sancte Patrice, Ora pro nobis.

O God, You deigned to send Blessed Patrick, Your Confessor and Bishop, to preach Your glory to the Gentiles; grant by his merits and intercession, that those things which You command us to do, we may be enabled to accomplish by Your mercy. Through our Lord Jesus Christ, Your Son, Who lives and reigns with You in the unity of the Holy Ghost, God, world without end. Amen.
— Collect of the Feast of Saint Patrick from the Missal and Breviary of Saint Pius V

There are only two writings of Saint Patrick extant. The first is his Confession, while the other is his Letter to the Soldiers of Coroticus. The latter bears a prophetic relevance to the modern crisis of abortion. In it, our patron saint exhorts Catholics to avoid all fraternization with those who participate in the willful murder of the innocent: "Therefore I ask most of all that all the holy and humble of heart should not fawn on such people, nor even share food or drink with them, nor accept their alms, until such time as they make satisfaction to God in severe penance and shedding of tears..." He goes on to warn that "The Most High does not accept the gifts of evildoers."

When you see our modern priests, prelates, and Catholic schools giving, unlawfully, awards, honors or platforms to politicians who promote the mass killing of the unborn, please remind them of the words of Saint Patrick!

Sadly, the name of our patron saint will be misappropriated by partisans of the Culture of Death when they gather on March 21st for a so-called "Saint Patrick’s Day Breakfast." The proponents of child killing will include U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren, Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker, Bay State Attorney General Maura Healey, Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley, and Boston Mayor (and soon to be U.S. Labor Secretary) Marty Walsh.

Tragically and inexplicably, their vile imposture will be dignified by the unseemly participation of the Archbishop of Boston, Cardinal Sean O’Malley.

Once again, we are happy to present the good Sisters of Immaculate Heart of Mary School, who lightheartedly memorialized their departure from the South Boston parade with this melody to the air of "The Leaving of Liverpool," entitled "The Leaving of Boston."

Christ be with me, Christ within me, Christ behind me, Christ before me, Christ beside me, Christ to win me, Christ to comfort and restore me. Christ beneath me, Christ above me, Christ in quiet, Christ in danger, Christ in hearts of all that love me, Christ in mouth of friend and stranger.
— from the Breastplate of St. Patrick



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On April 1st, Boston’s elite Catholic Memorial School—founded by the Irish Christian Brothers—will present its Blessed Edmund Ignatius Rice Medal to a member of Joe Biden’s Cabinet, the pro-abortion U.S. Secretary of Labor, Martin J. Walsh.

Throughout his twenty-five year political career, Marty Walsh has categorically rejected and relentlessly opposed Catholic belief in the sanctity of innocent human life, the immutable character of marriage, the impermissibility of contraceptive use, the “grave depravity” of same sex relations and the right of parents to be the primary educators of their own children.

As a Massachusetts State Representative, Walsh repudiated the natural law understanding of gender.

As Mayor of Boston, Walsh brutally deprived Irish Catholics of their constitutional right, under the religious freedom guarantees of the First Amendment, to celebrate their patron saint in a manner consistent with their sincerely held moral and religious beliefs.

The Catholic Action League of Massachusetts received requests for comment, on the honor to Walsh, from reporter Tom Joyce of the New Boston Post, on March 9th, and from producer Paul Murano of Church Militant on March 15th.

Catholic Action League Executive Director C. J. Doyle made the following statement:

“The decision of Catholic Memorial to confer an award on Marty Walsh—a militant proponent of abortion—is a grave scandal, and a treacherous betrayal of immemorial Catholic teaching about the sanctity of innocent human life from conception to natural death. It is a cruel abandonment of the helpless unborn and a callous insult to the faithful Catholics of the pro-life movement.”

“This decision is also a flagrant violation of the explicit provisions of the 2004 directive from the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, Catholics in Political Life, which states: The Catholic community and Catholic institutions should not honor those who act in defiance of our fundamental moral principles. They should not be given awards, honors or platforms which would suggest support for their actions.

“The message Catholic Memorial is sending to its students is toxic. By this award, CM is telling its students that support for the mass murder of the unborn is morally acceptable, that those who advocate such killings are respectable members of the Catholic community, and that those who reject Catholic principles, to conform to the dominant secular culture, are role models to be emulated.”

“No rational person can be reasonably expected to take seriously Catholic opposition to abortion when an elite Catholic educational institution confers an award, named after a future saint, on a politician who wanted to make Boston a sanctuary city for abortions. Faithful Catholics should not have to fight a two front war, against both a culture of death in secular society, and against a culture of betrayal in their own Church.”


MONDAY, MARCH 14, 2022

Contact: William Cotter
(774) 287-0751


The Massachusetts Pro-Life Coalition, an alliance of eight Bay State pro-life organizations, is denouncing Catholic Memorial School for its decision to confer an award on U. S. Labor Secretary Martin J. Walsh, a militant proponent of legal, unrestricted and publicly funded abortion.

On April 1st, Catholic Memorial will present the Blessed Edmund Ignatius Rice Medal to Walsh in ceremonies during the school’s Spring Gala fundraising banquet.

Catholic Memorial—established in 1957 by the Congregation of Christian Brothers—is an elite Catholic secondary and middle school in the West Roxbury district of Boston. Edmund Rice, beatified by Pope John Paul II in 1996, was the 19th century Founder of the Christian Brothers of Ireland.

Marty Walsh’s opposition to Catholic morality is notorious, impenitent, wide-ranging and longstanding.

Prior to becoming Mayor, Walsh, as a state legislator, supported “transgender” rights, the deformity of marriage, the imposition of buffer zones around abortion clinics, and the distribution of condoms to minors in public schools.

As Mayor, Walsh used threats, bullying and extortion to compel the admission of homosexual groups to Boston’s Saint Patrick’s Day Parade.

As Labor Secretary, Walsh is a ranking official in the most pro-abortion Administration in American history.

The 2004 directive from the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, Catholics in Political Life, states: “The Catholic community and Catholic institutions should not honor those who act in defiance of our fundamental moral principles. They should not be given awards, honors or platforms which would suggest support for their actions.”

Perennial Catholic teaching on abortion was articulated by the Second Vatican Ecumenical Council, which stated: “...abortion and infanticide are abominable crimes.”

Massachusetts Pro-Life Coalition spokesman William Cotter, the President of Operation Rescue Boston, made the following comment: “The award to Marty Walsh is a shameful betrayal of core Catholic moral beliefs and an overt violation of the prohibitions contained in Catholics in Political Life. It demonstrates a depraved indifference to the slaughter of 63 million unborn children since Roe v. Wade.”

“The corrupting message which Catholic Memorial is sending to its students is that political power and professional attainment are to be valued over moral integrity and religious fidelity. Cardinal Sean O’Malley, the Archbishop of Boston, must speak out against this scandalous breach of trust by a school entrusted with the formation of future leaders of the Catholic community.”

The Massachusetts Pro-Life Coalition, founded in 2017, brings together Operation Rescue Boston; Mass Resistance; the Massachusetts Alliance to Stop Taxpayer Funded Abortions; the Pro-Life Legal Defense Fund; the Boston Church Militant Resistance Chapter; the Boston Chapter of Helpers of God’s Precious Infants; American University Women for Life; and the Catholic Action League of Massachusetts.



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Please pray for the Christian people of Ukraine, who are suffering from an invasion from three directions, from a nuclear armed neighbor which has three and half times their population, ten times their defense budget, and five times their conventional military strength.

Ukraine is one of the most Christian countries in the world, with over 85% of its people professing Christian beliefs—a percentage higher than that of the United States. More than two thirds of Ukrainians belong to various branches of the Eastern Orthodox Church. The second largest religious group are Catholics, who comprise more than 11% of the country.

Ukraine has the largest Catholic minority of any Eastern Orthodox nation. While only two percent of Ukrainians (mostly Poles) belong to the Latin Rite Church, more than nine percent of Ukrainians belong to the Byzantine Rite, Greek Catholic Church, which has been united with Rome since the Union of Brest in 1596.

The Ukrainian Catholic Church is the largest of the twenty three Eastern Rite, or Uniate Churches, who are in communion with the Apostolic See, making it the second largest church in Catholicism.

There is, also, an Oriental Orthodox minority, as Ukraine is home to the world’s fifth largest community of the Armenian diaspora. Another three percent of the population is Protestant.

Earlier today, the region around Lviv, a Catholic majority city, and the major archiepiscopal see of the Ukrainian Catholic Church, was the target of Russian air and missile attacks. In the nation’s capital, Kiev, civilians are huddling in subways and underground parking garages for protection.

Russia has a long history of persecuting Catholicism, both before and after the Bolshevik Revolution. The Soviet government, under Joseph Stalin, attempted to liquidate the Ukrainian Catholic Church, forcibly incorporating it into the state run Russian Orthodox Church in 1946. A century before, in 1839, a 75% Uniate majority in what is now Belarus, had their church suppressed and forced into submission to Russian Orthodoxy by Czar Nicholas I.

Two centuries of Russian oppression of the Catholics of Poland and Lithuania is well known.

Ominously, for Catholics and Ukrainian patriots, Vladimir Putin, on January 31st, accused Ukraine of “blatant interference,” with the Russian Orthodox Church. In his speech of February 21st, denying Ukrainian nationhood, Putin claimed that Ukrainians were plotting violence against the Russian Orthodox Church and promoting schism in Russian Orthodoxy as state policy.

As many, if not most, Ukrainian Catholic church buildings, and other properties, were recovered, in recent years, following their illegal, Soviet sponsored seizure by the Russian Orthodox, Putin’s words about “schism,” bode ill for the security of Ukrainian Catholics.

The Holy See has called upon Christians to pray and fast on Ash Wednesday for peace in Ukraine.

May Almighty God help and protect these poor people!

Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us!

Saint Josaphat, pray for us!



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On Friday, February 18th, the Massachusetts Executive Office of Public Safety and Security released its annual report, Hate Crimes in Massachusetts, for the calendar year 2020.

The report listed, by category, 385 such incidents in the Bay State in 2020, a slight uptick from 376 in 2019. Of these, 60, or 15.7%, were related to an anti-religious bias. The U.S. Department of Justice, using the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting System, gives a higher figure of 69 for hate crimes in Massachusetts based on religion.

In the state report, only two incidents of hate crimes against Catholics were listed, both in the category of Vandalism/Damage/Destruction of Property, accounting for a statistically negligible 0.5% of all hate crimes.

According to information compiled by the Catholic Action League, however, there were, at least, eight incidents—all widely reported in the news media—of arson, theft and vandalism directed against Catholic churches and religious iconography in the Bay State in 2020.

This means that 75% of anti-Catholics incidents were either unreported or uncounted, as the actual figure of hate crimes against Catholics is, at least, four times higher than that presented in the report, accounting for 2% of all incidents statewide.

Catholic Action League Executive Director C.J. Doyle made the following comment: “As state hate crime statistics are compiled from data provided by local police departments across the Commonwealth, the likely culprit in this undercounting of anti-Catholic incidents is the Catholic Church itself, which has a long history of not reporting church vandalisms to local authorities.”

“In July, 2020, the Boston Police Department told the Catholic Action League that two incidents of statue desecration at Saint Teresa of Calcutta Parish in Dorchester—which received extensive media coverage—were never reported to them.”

“Media accounts indicate that this failure, by local pastors, to report attacks on Catholic churches, is ongoing. The response of the Archdiocese of Boston to the vandalism and attempted arson of Catholic churches has been anemic, calling one perpetrator a ‘troubled soul.’ Cardinal Sean O’Malley, the Archbishop of Boston, has failed to denounce these hate crimes or demand that offenders be prosecuted and incarcerated.“

“Hate crimes against Catholics are continuing and multiplying. There were, at least, ten such incidents in Massachusetts in 2021, a 25% increase over 2020. In the last decade, these attacks have increased from approximately one a year to nearly one a month.”

“The Catholic Church must emulate other religious communities by reporting these attacks, and demanding accountability from police, prosecutors and elected officials.”

In the Commonwealth, a hate crime is not a stand alone offense. It is defined as “Any criminal act to which a bias motive is evident as a contributing factor.” Hate crime incidents have been recorded in Massachusetts since the Legislature enacted Chapter 434 of the Acts of 1990, the Hate Crimes Reporting Law, (Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 22C, Section 32.)


Arson, Theft and Vandalism Directed Against Catholic Churches and Religious Iconography in Massachusetts—2020

1) April 13-14, 2020—Holy Family Parish, Rockland—Rocks were thrown overnight, breaking two stained glass windows in the church, and two windows in the rectory.

2) July 11, 2020—Saint Peter’s Parish, Dorchester—The head and hands of a statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary were charred after plastic flowers in the statue’s hands were ignited in an arson fire.

3) July 11-12, 2020—Saint Margaret’s Parish, Dorchester—Overnight, a trash barrel was emptied and thrown over the head of a statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

4) July 15-16, 2020—Saint Margaret’s Parish, Dorchester—In a repeat of the previous incident, a trash barrel was emptied and thrown over the head of the same statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

5) July 16, 2020—McAuley Nazareth Home for Boys, Leicester—A five foot granite statue of the Blessed Virgin was stolen from a grotto, and later recovered by Leicester Police on July 26th.

6) August 1-2, 2020—Sacred Heart Parish,Weymouth—Two Molotov cocktails were hurled against the front doors of the church, causing fire damage to the front entranceway, and smoke damage inside.

7) September 29, 2020—Cathedral of Saint Mary of the Assumption, Fall River—A cinder block was hurled through a window of the cathedral.

8) December 26, 2020—Cathedral of Saint Mary of the Assumption, Fall River—Projectiles were shot or hurled through four stained glass windows in the cathedral, causing approximately $25,000 worth of damage to each window.



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Please pray for the repose of the soul of Robert W. Boehm, a longtime member of the Catholic Action League of Massachusetts, who died on January 17th, after a brief illness. Bob, who received the Last Rites just before his death, was 78 years old. He had been, for many years, a resident of Bedford, New Hampshire.

Born in Englewood, New Jersey, in 1943, Bob graduated from the University of Rhode Island in 1966. He went on to serve his country as an aviator, in the United States Marine Corps, during the war in Vietnam.

In the struggle to save that nation from the murderous tyranny of Communism, Bob flew an extraordinary 99 missions as a Forward Air Controller, in a slow, unarmed, low flying, single engined aircraft. (In World War II, in the Eighth Army Air Force, the individual limit for airmen was 25 combat missions.)

After the war, Bob served thirty years as a commercial pilot with Delta Airlines.

A pious, traditional Catholic with an intense devotion to Our Blessed Lady, Bob Boehm was a Member, since 2004, of the Third Order of the Slaves of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and was an active participant in the Saint Benedict Center’s Saint Philomena Rosary Apostolate.

Brother Andre Marie, the Prior of Saint Benedict Center, said Bob was “a good man, a staunch Catholic, an exemplary Slave of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and a good friend.”

Bob is survived by his wife of 54 years, Michaele, and his two daughters, and his four grandchildren.

A Requiem Mass will be celebrated for Bob Boehm on Friday, February 4th at 10 am at Saint Stanislaus Church, at 5 Green Street, in Nashua. Bob will be waked at the Lambert Funeral Home, at 1799 Elm Street, in Manchester, on Thursday, February 3rd, from 4 pm to 7 pm.

We, at the Catholic Action League, wish to extend our sincere condolences to Michaele and to Bob’s entire family on this sad occasion of their grievous loss.

Eternal rest grant unto him, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon him. May he rest in peace. Amen. May his soul and the souls of all the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen.

It is a holy and wholesome thought to pray for the dead, that they might be loosed from sins. — 2 Maccabees 12:4



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Vax or Die  Since last year, persons with religious, ethical or medical objections to mandatory vaccination have suffered the loss of jobs, livelihoods, health insurance coverage, educational and professional opportunities and, for some graduate students, future academic careers. Now, a Massachusetts man, suffering from advanced cardiac disease, is facing the loss of his life for refusing to accept Covid vaccination.

David J. Ferguson, Jr., 31, of the Town of Hopedale in Worcester County, has been removed from a waiting list for heart transplants by Brigham & Women’s Hospital in Boston, because of his decision to decline vaccination. Ferguson is the father of two children and is expecting a third. He was diagnosed with arrhythmia four years ago.

According to his father, also named David Ferguson, “He needs a heart to live, and they are coercing him into making a decision that is against his will, his intellect, his judgment, his core belief. It is not right to do so.”

As a temporary measure, Ferguson, after seven hours of heart surgery, has been fitted with a left ventricular mechanical pump, to assist his heart. It may prolong his life for up to five years, but his ability to live a normal existence will be severely restricted.

While appalling, the decision by the world renowned Brigham & Women’s Hospital to consign this man to a likely death, for refusing to conform to an arbitrary and inflexible bureaucratic protocol, is not surprising. It is not an institution defined by respect for the sanctity of life.

Brigham & Women’s is a major perpetrator of both surgical and medical abortions in the Bay State. According to the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, 493 pre-born children were killed by Brigham & Women’s in 2020.

BC High Segregates  Both the Catholic News Agency and LifeSiteNews have now published articles detailing the unwarranted, punitive and ludicrously extreme policy of Jesuit administered Boston College High School, which forces unvaccinated students to eat lunch in the school gymnasium behind plexiglass barriers.

Segregating students by vaccination status is opposed by the U.S. Center for Disease Control. The Archdiocese of Boston does not require unvaccinated students to be segregated and has expressly forbidden mandatory vaccination in Catholic schools.

More disturbingly, the school’s unvaccinated students are prohibited from participating in sports and extracurricular activities, key factors in determining college admissions and scholarships.

Concerned parents have rightly petitioned the school’s Board of Trustees, complaining that “students will regard their classmates as potential biohazards.” In a letter to the principal, Adam Lewis, the Catholic Action League said that “depriving some students of full participation in the educational experience of high school, based on their vaccination status, may be regarded, reasonably, as coercive pressure to accept vaccination. This is a practice prohibited by Catholic teaching.”

The League in the News  The letter to the editor from the Catholic Action League, defending Father Michael Fitzpatrick, the Pastor of Saint Francis Xavier Parish in Hyannis, was published, in its entirety, by the Cape Cod Times, on January 20th. Father Fitzpatrick, who is supported by his parishioners, had been silenced by Fall River Bishop Edgar M. da Cunha for questioning vaccine reception by Catholics.

The January print edition of New England’s only reliably conservative broadsheet newspaper, The Boston Broadside, published the League’s December News Update on public officials, citing the words of the Pope, to deny Catholics religious exemptions to the vaccine mandate. The Broadside also published the League’s letter to the editor on the hypocrisy of Catholic Memorial School in invoking the famously pro-life Saint Mother Teresa, while honoring pro-abortion politicians.


JANUARY 15, 2022 — Published January 20

Cape Cod Times
319 Main Street
Hyannis, MA 02601

To the Editor:

Fall River Bishop Edgar M. da Cunha may have overstepped his authority in silencing Father Michael Fitzpatrick, the Pastor of Saint Francis Xavier Parish in Hyannis, for his criticism of Covid-19 vaccines, (Anti-vaccine priest in Hyannis is censured by the Catholic bishop of Fall River, 1/13/2022).

It is beyond the competence of any Catholic prelate to determine the “efficacy” of a medical treatment. As for its moral legitimacy, although Pope Francis has urged Catholics to accept the vaccine, the same Vatican document which states that vaccine reception is morally licit, insists that vaccination must be voluntary.

This indicates, clearly, that those who have medical or ethical reservations about the vaccine—such as Catholics concerned about the use of fetal cell lines in vaccine production or testing—must not be coerced.

Nor does the Pope’s endorsement of the vaccine nullify traditional Catholic teaching about the exercise of a properly formed conscience.

The Catholic Church expects faithful Catholics to defend the sanctity of innocent human life in an often hostile public square. One would think that the hierarchy would be accommodating to the conscientious concerns of such Catholics.

Sadly, this is not the case. When it comes to relations between the Catholic people and the Catholic bishops, loyalty, it would seem, is a one way street.


C. J. Doyle
Executive Director
Catholic Action League of Massachusetts
PO Box 112
Boston, MA 02131
(617) 524-6309


JANUARY 10, 2022

The People’s Forum
Telegram & Gazette
100 Front Street, Floor 5
Worcester, MA 01608-1440

To the Editor:

The call by Pope Francis for couples to raise children, rather than adopt pets, provided an opportunity for columnist Carli Pierson to ventilate a long list of grievances against the Catholic Church, (Pope’s comments on not having kids simplistic, Telegram & Gazette, 1/10/2022).

The absurd implication of Pierson’s illogical argument is that someone can be a Catholic while rejecting the perennial moral teachings of the Catholic Faith, such as those pertaining to the sanctity of life and the character of marriage.

Pierson invokes “God’s loving kindness and mercy,” while forgetting that Our Savior told us “If you love Me, keep My commandments.

Culturally conforming psuedo–Catholics, like Pierson, do not want an Apostolic Faith which will convert the world. They want an easy and comfortable religion, which will submit to the world.


C. J. Doyle
Executive Director
Catholic Action League of Massachusetts
PO Box 112
Boston, MA 02131
(617) 524-6309



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The Catholic Action League of Massachusetts today is mourning the loss of one of its longtime members, Gerald Mazzarella, a lifelong resident of East Boston, who died on January 1st, after a long illness. Jerry was 77 years old.

During a career of forty-one years, Jerry Mazzarella, a gifted and dedicated high school teacher, educated and motivated thousands of students in the Boston Public Schools.

A pious traditional Catholic, Jerry was committed to the practice of his Faith, the pursuit of wisdom, and the defense of eternal truths. Impelled by an apostolic zeal for souls, and animated by a fervent desire to impart the good, the true and the beautiful to others, Jerry created and designed a wondrous and edifying Catholic website, Confraternity of the Holy Trinity Through Jesus and Mary, also known as the Home Monastery.

For many years, Jerry was a faithful member of the Third Order of the Slaves of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, in Richmond, New Hampshire.

A loving and devoted husband and father, Jerry leaves behind his wife of 42 years, Colbe Corcoran Mazzarella. Many in the pro-life movement know Colbe as the organizer of the Stations of the Cross for Life in Boston, and as the recurring guest host on the program Life Matters, on the Boston Neighborhood Network.

Jerry is also survived by eight children and their spouses, and by seventeen grandchildren.

The Mazzarella family requests prayers for the repose of his soul.

The Catholic Action League wishes to extend its sincere condolences to Colbe and to her entire family on this sad occasion of their grievous loss.

A Mass of Christian Burial will be celebrated for Jerry on Thursday, January 6th, at St. Joseph-St. Lazarus Church, on 59 Ashley Street in East Boston. Jerry Mazzarella will be laid to rest in Holy Cross Cemetery in Malden.

He will be waked from 5PM to 8 PM on Wednesday, January 5th, at the Ruggiero Family Memorial Home, at 971 Saratoga Street in East Boston. Friends will also be able to pay their respects at the Ruggiero Home, on the morning of the Funeral Mass, at 8:30 AM.

Eternal rest grant unto him, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon him. May he rest in peace. Amen. May his soul and the souls of all the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen.

It is a holy and wholesome thought to pray for the dead, that they might be loosed from sins. — 2 Maccabees 12:4


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